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Resources for Professional Responsibility Courses and the MPRE


If you are taking or preparing to take a Professional Responsibility course and/or the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE), there are many helpful resources and materials at your fingertips.

The Charlotte School of Law Library has a number of professional responsibility treatises, legal periodicals, study aids, and more.  A part of the CSL Research Guide collection, Professional Responsibility outlines and describes the print treatises and e-books available to CSL students, faculty, and staff.  This collection includes major treatises, such as the Model Rules and the Restatement; study aids, including volumes from the Nutshell series; and several other popular resources.  This Guide also includes links to the CSL catalog, where users can click into full-text journals and electronic databases and search for items and articles of interest.*  The Carolinas tab includes jurisdiction-specific resources for present and future practitioners of North Carolina and South Carolina.

Another CSL Research Guide, Academic Success: Professional Responsibility, includes a listing of study materials, including Emanuel Outlines, CrunchTime, E&Es, Barbri Review, Q&As, and more.  It also provides a brief description of the different types of study aids so you can determine what may work best for you.  These items are available for check out in the CSL Law Library.

CSL students also have access to West’s Study Aids Subscription, which has 13 different e-books on the topic of legal ethics and professional responsibility.  A link to those Study Aids is available on your Westlaw homepage.  You may search by keyword or browse by subject.

Finally, on the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) MPRE website, studiers can view NCBE tips on preparing for the MPRE, a subject matter outline of the MPRE, sample test questions from the MPRE, and more.

*Off-campus access to these electronic journals and databases requires a username and password.  Your username is your Last Name, First Name (e.g., Reid, Shannon), and your password is your Library Bar Code Number, which is located on the sticker on the back of your ID badge.

~Shannon Reid~

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West Study Aids: Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property is one of the most popular upper level courses here at CSL.  Our subscription to West Study Aids can definitely provide you access to a wide variety of study aids for various IP areas:

  • Copyright
  • International
  • Licensing
  • Patent Law
  • Survey Law
  • Trademarks


  • LaFrance’s Copyright Law in a Nutshell
  • McManis’ Intellectual Property and Unfair Competition in a Nutshell
  • Miller and Davis’ Intellectual Property, Patents, Trademarks, and Copyright in a Nutshell
  • LaFrance’s Copyright Law in a Nutshell
  • Adelman, Rader, and Klancnik’s Patent Law in a Nutshell

Black Letter Outline:

  • Schechter’s Black Letter Outline on Intellectual Property

You can access West Study Aids by going to http://lawschool.westlaw.com and logging in to your Westlaw account.  Under “Legal Research and Tools” select “Study”.  From there you can search by keyword, subject, material type or series and you can browse all subject areas with one click.  You can also check out newly added study aids and create your own Favorites list.

~ Julie Morris ~

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West Study Aids: Remedies

How do I find them?

Just log into your Westlaw account and find the red button for STUDY in the middle of the homepage. Browse all subjects to the next page to find the three items available about Remedies.

What study guides are available?

Weaver and Kelly’s Black Letter Outline on Remedies

This text provides a concise summary of equity laws including equity and equitable remedies, enforcement of equitable decrees, injunctions, restitution, declaratory judgments, and damages. It discusses the historical perspective on equity, contempt rules, and forms of loss as they relate to damages.

Written by Russell L. Weaver and Michael B. Kelly.

Published October 31, 2005.

Gilbert Law Summaries:  Remedies, 11th

The topics covered in this outline include damages, equitable remedies (including injunctions and specific performance), restitution, injuries to tangible property interests, and injuries to business and commercial interests (including business torts, inducing breach of contract, patent infringement, unfair competition, and trade defamation). Also discussed are injuries to personal dignity and related interests (including defamation, privacy, religious status, and civil and political rights), personal injury and death, fraud, duress, undue influence, unconscionable conduct, mistake, breach of contract, and unenforceable contracts, including statute of frauds, impossibility, lack of contractual capacity, and illegality.

Written by John A. Bauman, John H. Bauman, and Kenneth H. York

Published December 2003.

Remedies in a Nutshell

This Nutshell explains what remedies are and their history. It examines the basic rules for legal and equitable remedies, injunctions, damages, restitution, rescission, reformation, and specific performance. In addition, it explains how remedies are used for injuries to realty, personal property and money, personal interests, misrepresentation, mistake, duress, and breach of contract. It also addresses restitution for unenforceable contracts.

Written by William Murray Tabb

Published January 1, 2005

How much do they cost?

Charlotte School of Law has purchased a subscription to these study aids on remedies as well as other course study aids. There is no cost to anyone at Charlotte Law with access to Westlaw. While Remedies in a Nutshell is available in course reserves in the library (if not checked out), the Gilbert Law Summaries: Remedies and Weaver and Kelly’s Black Letter Outlines on Remedies are not in the library’s collection. So here are some new resources. Purchasing just these three titles on Amazon would cost close to $120. Definitely, these study guides are a good deal for students wanting study aids on Remedies.

~ Betty Thomas ~

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Commercial Law Study Aids

Exams are coming, are you ready?

Here are some study tools to help you ace those Commercial Law Exams:

Check List Approach

Leibson’s book includes numerous outlines, bullet points, sample essay questions, and answers.

Outline Approach

Use this law summary to create your own outline to study for exams.

Nutshell Approach

Stone & Adams’ Uniform Commercial Code in a Nutshell

This book provides a concise but comprehensive introduction to the Uniform Commercial Code.  It covers all the major topics of the code, including the process of selling, payment, negotiation, shipping, storage, financing sales, and leasing of goods.

Black Letter Law  &  Nutshell Approach

Nickles & Matthew’s Black Letter Law and Nutshell on Payments:

Both explain the fundamentals of negotiable instruments-promissory notes, drafts, checks, and certificates of deposit. These books provide an overview of Article 3’s requisites of negotiability and review contract liability, secondary liability conditions, and discharge liability including transfer, and negotiation. These books also discuss warranty, restitution, claims and defenses to instruments, holder in due course, and check collection process.

To find these study aids on Westlaw go to: https://lawschool.westlaw.com/

Sign-on at “West Study Aids Subscription” tab once you get into this area of Westlaw.  You can search the entire collection by Keyword or by subject area. Use these study aids as well as Examples & Explanations, Emanuel CrunchTime, Law in a Flash, Understanding Series, Casenote Legal Briefs Q & A Series, Concepts & Insight Series, Mastering Series, and Legalines published by other companies. Carpe diem.

~ Jane Fraytet ~

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West Study Aids: Finding Tax Study Aids Online

The subject of taxes has been in the national spotlight because of the upcoming presidential election in November.  Taxes are a part of life, but whether you are from a red state or a blue state, part of the 47% or the 53%, belong to the 1% or the 99%, the Law Library is here to help.

If you are taking a class on tax or just interested in learning more about the subject, the Library now has access to a great resource called the West Study Aid Subscription.  To find all the wonderful materials all you have to do is log on to WestLaw and you will have online full, text access to many helpful study aids.  Tax is divided into several sub-topics such as corporate, estate & gift, income, international, partnership, practice & procedure, as well as state & local.

If you are currently taking a Federal Income Tax class the following study aids may be of interest to you:

If you need assistance finding more study aids on tax or any other subject, please come to the Library and let us know how we can help!

~ Brian Trippodo ~

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