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Hold the Bun: The Evolution of Librarians

What is the first image that comes to mind when someone says the word “librarian” to you?  Be honest!

How many of you see this?

Courtesy of the Semi-Hip Librarian blog

Maybe some of you see this?

Courtesy of the Government and Heritage Library Blog, from the State Library of North Carolina

Gone are the days of the stern, shushing bun-wearing librarian!   We are male and female and every color and creed but united in our determination to provide the highest level of service to our patrons.

We can be funny and creative and downright quirky as shown by the viral video, Librarians Do Gaga, performed by faculty and students of the University of Washington’s Information School.  Lyrics about catalogs and Boolean searching are all set to Lady Gaga’s Poker Face.

On the serious side, librarians stand on the front lines in the battle for intellectual freedom and against censorship.  This is our vocation and we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards.  We protect a patron’s right to privacy and confidentiality with respect to resources consulted or borrowed.

Librarians have fought the USA Patriot Act and forced the government to back down.  The “Connecticut Four” brought national attention to the use of national security letters (“NSL”) and lifetime gag orders that were issued without court approval.  In Library Connection v. Gonzales, a library consortium fought back against the FBI and the government eventually withdrew both the lifetime gag order against all the librarians who had seen the NSL and the request for the records.

We are information warriors!  Hear us roar!  Just not in the dedicated Quiet Area, though.  Just kidding…sort of.

Image courtesy of the Librarian Avengers

I like to end these blog posts with a laugh so here we go courtesy of the Warrior Librarian

Library Quiz Answers from Middle Schoolers

  • “Information on dragons can be found by asking one of them in the office.”
  • “You shouldn’t eat in the library because there are too many germs.”
  • “Copyright is using the copier the right way.”
  • “Plagiarism is when you copy someone else without them finding out.”

and my personal favorite:

  • “Students are allowed to use the photocopier when it is working.”

Come visit us in the Law Library!  No stern, shushing, bun-wearers in sight!

~Mary Susan Lucas~

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A Year in Review: 2010

At the close of 2010, take a second to reflect on the top Charlotte Law Library News posts of the year.  The blog posts were determined, by you, the reader, based on how popular you considered them throughout the year.

  1. Library Summer Hours. Driven mostly because of the cute cartoon sun, viewers hit this post 3 times as many times as our #2.
  2. Home page of the Charlotte Law Library News, which changes weekly based on the blog submission provided by the Charlotte Law Library Team.  The blogs range from announcement of library news to updates in new library technology to funny cartoons drawn in-house.
  3. CSL Mobile Reference.  Join our Friends List: We’re available at CSLReference.
  4. New in Town? Written by Ms. Jamie Sunnycalb.  From malls to sporting events, she explores the ins and outs of Charlotte’s hot spots and entertainment.  This post is a great guide to Charlotte, especially for the new CharlotteLaw student.
  5. Murphy’s Law School: 2. Charlotte Law Library’s original comic created by Access Services Manager, Kim Allman, and CSL former Reference Librarian, Anthony Aycock.
  6. Murphy’s Law School 4. The fourth in the series of comics depicting humorous legal scenerios.
  7. The North Carolina Bar Exam: Tips and Tricks. A compilation of resources for studying and taking the Bar Exam in North Carolina.
  8. North Carolina regulations regarding coyote community. “The law of coyotes in North Carolina is a well-developed common law tradition dating from the earliest years of British rule to the present day. This rich heritage of amusing anecdotes, famous cases, and important contributions to the law of ferae naturae is well documented” in this blog post written by CharlotteLaw’s former reference librarian, Tom Hemstock.
  9. Murphy’s Law School. The original comic strip posted for entertainment purposes by the Charlotte Law Library Staff.
  10. Thinking that the North Carolina Bar exam is hard???? A comical take on the North Carolina Bar Exam versus Montana’s requirements.

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Engage with the ABA

Students are invited to come and eat lunch with the ABA Site Team on Friday, October 8th.

There will be 2 lunches served in Room 106.  Minority students are invited to attend the lunch from 12:30-1:15 and all students are invited to attend the lunch served from 1:30-2:15.

If you are interested in attending, please email Maria Caino as soon as possible (so she can order the appropriate amount of fun).

We, in the library, encourage you to attend!

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