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Commercial Law Study Aids

Exams are coming, are you ready?

Here are some study tools to help you ace those Commercial Law Exams:

Check List Approach

Leibson’s book includes numerous outlines, bullet points, sample essay questions, and answers.

Outline Approach

Use this law summary to create your own outline to study for exams.

Nutshell Approach

Stone & Adams’ Uniform Commercial Code in a Nutshell

This book provides a concise but comprehensive introduction to the Uniform Commercial Code.  It covers all the major topics of the code, including the process of selling, payment, negotiation, shipping, storage, financing sales, and leasing of goods.

Black Letter Law  &  Nutshell Approach

Nickles & Matthew’s Black Letter Law and Nutshell on Payments:

Both explain the fundamentals of negotiable instruments-promissory notes, drafts, checks, and certificates of deposit. These books provide an overview of Article 3’s requisites of negotiability and review contract liability, secondary liability conditions, and discharge liability including transfer, and negotiation. These books also discuss warranty, restitution, claims and defenses to instruments, holder in due course, and check collection process.

To find these study aids on Westlaw go to: https://lawschool.westlaw.com/

Sign-on at “West Study Aids Subscription” tab once you get into this area of Westlaw.  You can search the entire collection by Keyword or by subject area. Use these study aids as well as Examples & Explanations, Emanuel CrunchTime, Law in a Flash, Understanding Series, Casenote Legal Briefs Q & A Series, Concepts & Insight Series, Mastering Series, and Legalines published by other companies. Carpe diem.

~ Jane Fraytet ~

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