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Student Spotlight: Bradley Owens


On March 23, 2015, Charlotte School of Law’s Criminal Law Society hosted a Death Penalty panel through the leadership of 3L Bradley Owens, Delaware native, former Delaware prison counselor, and legal intern at the 8th Amendment Project. Prior to coming to law school, Owens served as a prison counselor, under the mentorship of former Delaware Bureau Chief of Prisons Mike Deloy. For many years, Chief Deloy oversaw the executions of condemned prisoners. With his help, Owens had the opportunity to work in a maximum security prison where Delaware housed its death row inmates. This experience would spark the interests of Henderson Hill, Executive Director of the 8th Amendment Project and initiate an involvement with the Delaware campaign to abolish the death penalty. However, the death penalty is not what peaked Owen’s interest in criminal law—his life was.

As a teenager, Owens had a few run-ins with the law, “I was just privileged enough not to have my criminal record block my future,” he said. “What really changed my life was the tragic death of my 18 year old sister when I was 20.” Owens lost his sister in a drunk driving accident following a college party, a party Owens attended with his sister, Jordyn Owens. Jordyn left the party a few minutes before Owens. It was on his way home that he discovered the accident and helplessly watched his sister pass away. After his sister’s death, Owens started Jordyn K. Owens Foundation to support educational programs for Delaware’s youth on topics such as: the dangers of alcohol, drinking and driving, and the importance of making smart choices. Owens traveled to high schools around the state of Delaware, speaking to thousands of teenagers in a “cool and relatable way,” not so much as a preachy, “don’t do this because it’s bad, way,” said Owens.

Picture of Owens addressing hundreds of high school students about the dangers of drinking and driving.

Picture of Owens addressing hundreds of high school students about the dangers of drinking and driving.


Picture of the bracelet that Owens gave to thousands of high school students that attended his drinking and driving seminars. The bracelet reads: “Awareness for Jordyn.” Owens wears his bracelet ‘til this day.

In 2013, Owens moved to North Carolina to be closer to his daughter, Alivia Jordyn, who is now three years old. In spring 2013, Owens enrolled in Charlotte School of Law.

Upon starting at Charlotte School of Law, Owens became involved with the Criminal Law Society as the Community Service Chair. Through this capacity, Owens reached out to Karen Simon at the Mecklenburg Sheriff’s Dept. Simon immediately took Owens under her wings and shared with him the mentorship needs of the 16 and 17 year old boys housed at Jail North. Simon offered Owens the opportunity to develop an evidence-based program to meet this need. In summer, 2014, Owens met Dee Rankin, CEO and Executive Director of Future L.E.A.D.E.R.S. Owens the opportunity he was presented with by Simon to Rankin. Owens and Rankin’s relationships would lead to the inception of the “Invisible to Invincible” mentoring program.

For the past year and a half, Owens has been tirelessly working with Rankins, to develop a juvenile mentoring program for 16 and 17 year old boys in the Mecklenburg County Jails. Thus far, with the assistance of Charlotte School of Law’s Criminal Law Society members, Owens has hosted weekly programs at Jail-North and is currently drafting a federal grant proposal for approximately $200,000 that would fortify Future L.E.A.D.E.R.S and the new mentoring program. Owens is able to assist with the grant writing process, as an advanced clinic student in Charlotte School of Law’s Community Economic Development clinic, under the supervision of Professor Rocky Cabagnot.

Bradley Owens is a graduate of Westchester University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Criminal Justice. Owens plans to graduate from Charlotte School of Law with his J.D. a semester early. Additionally, Owens hopes to return to Delaware to replication the juvenile mentoring model with the Delaware Juvenile Justice system. Owens will continue his advocacy on the death penalty issue and ultimately aspires to serve his home state of Delaware in the House of Representatives. To learn more about Owen’s “Invisible to Invincible” project, contact Owens at owensb@students.charlottelaw.edu.

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Charlotte Law’s Criminal Law Society Hosts Death Penalty Panel


On March 18, WBOC-16, Delaware local news announced that the push to repeal the death penalty in Delaware was back on. A few days later, on Monday, March 23, 2015, Charlotte School of Law’s Criminal Law Society President, 3L Bradley Owens and legal intern at the 8th Amendment Project, would host a Death Penalty panel. This panel featured Jake Sussman, Criminal/Capital Defense Attorney; William “Bill” Stetzer, Homicide Prosecutor; Charlotte Law Professor Cindy Adcock, Death Penalty Post-Conviction Attorney; and Charlotte Law Professor Scott Broyles, Former Assistant U.S. Attorney. The topics ranged from philosophy and policy reasons behind capital cases to wrongful convictions and the economics of the state pursuing a death sentence. Professor Turowski, one of Criminal Law Society’s advisors, described the room as a “packed house” and shared that “the extraordinary questions raised by [Charlotte Law] students, reinforced the notion [that] we have a tremendously engaged and inspired student body making [Charlotte Law] a truly exceptional institution.”  Charlotte Law students in attendance shared how they “never thought about the secondary effects of the death penalty and how many people are involved in the process.” Professor Adcock, Death Penalty Post-Conviction Attorney, shared a story about a victim’s family who hated their brother for years for killing their parents. However, after 15 years, they forgave him and turned their energy to trying to save him. This story resonated with one of Charlotte Law’s students. “It’s interesting to see how time may affect the thoughts and feelings of victim’s families.  At first they are angry and revengeful, but after so many years they may change their mind and not want someone to die…sometimes it may be too late.” Dean Michael Farley, Charlotte Law Office of Student Engagement, described the event as “outstanding.” “This is an excellent example of how thoughtful, educational programming in the law school environment takes conversation to the next level,” Dean Farley attests. Students in attendance generally felt that this panel was informative and that it deserves a symposium.

Pictured: L to R: Bradley Owens, Professor Carol Turowski, William “Bill” Stetzer, Professor Scott Broyles, Jake Sussman, and Professor Cindy Adcock.

Pictured: L to R: Bradley Owens, Professor Carol Turowski, William “Bill” Stetzer, Professor Scott Broyles, Jake Sussman, and Professor Cindy Adcock.

Given Owens’ interests in the criminal justice system and his exposure to death penalty abolition work, “it was only fitting to host a Death Penalty panel as the President of the Criminal Law Society” Owens shared. However, Owens’ commitment to the Death Penalty issue stretches beyond this panel. In October, Owens was hired as a legal intern at the 8th Amendment Project to assist with their national campaign to abolish the death penalty nationwide.

Recently, Owens has been working with legislators and community leaders in his home state of Delaware to help support the death penalty repeal bill that was introduced in the Delaware Senate two weeks ago. To learn more about Owens and his work, see “Student Spotlight: Bradley Owens.

~Maritza T. Adonis~

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Faculty Spotlight: Amy Meyers

spotlight blog-01

Our faculty serve as consultants to local media outlets when topics arise that align with their individual specializations.   Here’s an example: Professor Amy Meyers was recently interviewed by Fox 46 about medical malpractice cases.


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Student Spotlight: Teach for America

spotlight blog-02

Charlotte School of Law Associate Dean Kama Pierce, in association with Teach for America, recently visited a 5th grade class at Windsor Elementary School in Charlotte.  Pierce was accompanied by two of her students, Eric Ramirez and Brianna Appnel.  The team brought a dynamic learning experience to the elementary class that taught basic law concepts through a fact scenario and statute.  The students dissected the information together through group interactions reinforcing reading, writing, and reasoning skills.  The students broke off into two groups that were prepped for a trial and then each presented their case.  It was a memorable experience for all involved.


Teach for America seeks to solve educational inequality and believes all students can achieve when held to high expectations and supported by advocates who help them overcome poverty challenges.

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Charlotte School of Law Now Offering Corporate Compliance Certificate Program Online

Charlotte School of Law announced earlier this week a new online Corporate Compliance Certificate Program beginning July 2015 that will prepare graduates for the CCEP (Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional) exam.  According to the article “The Hottest Job in America: Compliance Officer” from the Wall Street Journal, “In a U.S. economy struggling to create jobs, at least one field is booming: compliance.  Hefty fines and other penalties have jolted companies, especially banks, into a compliance hiring spree, as governments at home and abroad tighten business laws and regulations and ramp up their enforcement activity.”

The program provides a certificate needed to start a career in the compliance field where there are opportunities for recent or experienced college graduates looking for career advancement.  Law students and lawyers may also advance in compliance, particularly individuals who hope to work in financial and securities sectors.  Completion of a CCB (Compliance Certification Board) accredited academic program is the only way for a person with no prior work experience in compliance to sit for the CCB certification exam.   For recent college or law school graduates, the compliance certificate offers a cost-effective, time-efficient route to a career in this field.

The city of Charlotte has been named one of the 10 fastest growing U.S. cities by CNNMoney, and is a major U.S. financial center.  As the second largest banking center in the U.S., Charlotte serves as headquarters for the nation’s second largest financial institution by assets, Bank of America.  Charlotte also serves as the headquarters for Wells Fargo’s capital markets activities including sales and trading, equity research, and investment banking.  There are eight Fortune 500 corporations in the Charlotte metropolitan area including Bank of America, Lowe’s, Nucor, Duke Energy, Sonic Automotive, Family Dollar, SPX Corporation, and Domtar.

Our faculty includes both industry experts and law professors which offers students the unique opportunity to balance rigorous academics with practical real-world experience. Our faculty includes:

  • Kevin Anderson, CCEP, Divisional Vice President at Family Dollar
  • Peter C. Anderson, CCEP, Principal at the law firm of Beveridge & Diamond, P.C.
  • Beau H. Baez, Assistant Professor of Law
  • Beth M. Colling, CCEP, Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer at Schlaeffer Group, USA
  • Tiffani W. Greene, CCEP, Partner at Compliance Ally Consulting
  • Susan Rowe, Director of Legal Writing & Research and Assistant Professor

The courses for this program will be offered entirely online, including lectures, office hours, and examinations.  All courses are delivered in an asynchronous format, so that students can progress at their own pace.  The program consists of eighteen (18) credit hours for non-lawyers.  Law students and lawyers may skip the first two classes.  The curriculum covers the subject matter tested on the CCEP exam.

Visit the course website at www.CharlotteCorporateCompliance.com for more information or to apply.  You can also contact our Program Coordinator at (704) 808-8030 or CharlotteCorporateCompliance@Charlottelaw.edu.

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