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Business Associations Study Aids


Study aids aren’t just for 1Ls.  To CSL’s upper-level students, I would like to draw your attention to West’s Study Aids, which are free to use through your student account with Westlaw.

In order to access West’s Study Aids, you simply visit www.lawschool.westlaw.com and sign into your account.  The middle of the landing page provides a box titled “Legal Research & Tools,” and within that box, a link titled “West Study Aids Subscription.”  After you click on the Study Aids link, you will see a page with a “Subject” tab, which lists the numerous law school course subjects for which West has provided a collection of Study Aids, including outlines, case summaries, practice exams, checklists, and other useful study materials.  (Note: You may also access this page by clicking on the following link and then signing into your student account with Westlaw.  http://eproducts.westlaw.com/LearnMore/StudyAidsHome.aspx?navTabIndex=1)  Many of the materials allow you to access tools, such as highlighting and note-taking within the Study Aid itself.

Among the many subjects West has to offer is “Business Organizations,” which provides a collection of Study Aids that may be useful when you are enrolled in CSL’s Business Associations, a required course in the CSL curriculum.  After you click into the “Business Organizations” link, you will see 12 results.  The following list highlights just a handful of the B.A. study materials at your fingertips.

  1. Acing Business Associations.  This resource boasts clear and concise explanations of partnerships, agency, corporations, and other topics typically addressed in B.A. courses.  It utilizes a checklist format, synthesizes major concepts, and offers a systematic approach to problem solving B.A. issues frequently tested on law school exams.  Acing Business Associations was authored by Michael Chasalow and published in 2010.


  1. Business Associations in a Nutshell (Third Edition).*  As the name suggests, Business Associations in a Nutshell provides a succinct overview of key issues covered by most B.A. courses.  It highlights basic concepts and offers specific examples to help students understand the material.  This resource was authored by Joseph Shade and published in 2010.
  1. Black Letter Outline on Corporations (Fifth Edition).  The Black Letter book on Corporations outlines the basic legal principles and issues concerning corporations, which generally is a major component of B.A. law school courses.  This Outline was published in 2006 and produced by Robert Hamilton and Richard Booth, professors recognized as national authorities in their subject area.       
  1. High Court Case Summaries on Corporations (Eleventh Edition).  This resource provides case briefs to supplement a student’s reading and understanding of major cases in the subject area.   It includes useful tools, such as case vocabulary and entertaining visual representations to enhance memory and recall of particular cases.  These summaries are keyed to Hamilton’s casebook on Corporations and were published in 2011.
  1. The Law of Corporations in a Nutshell (Sixth Edition).*  This study aid is organized by the life cycle of a corporation, from formation through dissolution.  It is described as comprehensive, yet concise and conversational in tone through the use of explanations and hypotheticals.  The Law of Corporations in a Nutshell was authored by Robert Hamilton and Richard Freer and published in 2011.

* Please note the materials listed with an asterisk are also available to you in print at the CSL Library.


In addition to the B.A. materials, the West Study Aids Subscription includes resources that may be useful in supplementing your lecture notes and other materials for many of your upper-level courses, including Constitutional Law, Evidence, and Criminal Procedure, to name a few.  Consider utilizing these Study Aids not only at exam time, but all semester long to enhance your understanding of the material as you go along.  If you fully comprehend the readings and your professor’s lectures throughout the semester, life should become a little easier at exam time!

~ Shannon Fitzpatrick ~

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