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Now Hiring: Bloomberg BNA Student Product Advocate for Charlotte Law

Bloomberg BNA is seeking an energetic, highly motivated and creative Bloomberg Law Product Advocate to support our organization at your school. The successful candidate will be fully trained to use Bloomberg Law and share expertise with fellow students. This position offers a unique and significant opportunity to shape and build one of the most exciting legal research resources in the legal information services industry!

So, current Charlotte School of Law students — are you interested?

To apply, please visit the Charlotte School of Law Career Services Manager and submit your resume ASAP!

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Bloomberg BNA Environment Reporter: Customizing the Reporter to Provide Current Research for YOU

The Bloomberg BNA Reporters can be accessed through the Law Library section of the Charlotte Law website and using the A-Z Index of Databases or at the link above. The Bloomberg BNA Newsletter Package provides you with BNA resources for nearly all areas of law and can all be customized for a personalized reference to current research.

The Bloomberg BNA Environment Reporter is a multi-part environmental resource that is published and updated weekly.  The Environment Reporter is an excellent resource to stay up to date on rapidly changing developments in courts, Congress, federal agencies and environmental organizations.  While this post focuses on the Environment Reporter, many of these features can be used for any of the other Bloomberg BNA Reporters of interest.

The Reporter can be customized in many easy ways in order to provide a user with relevant sources depending on their preferences.  First, along the left side of the main screen, the Recent Topics, Agencies, States, Courts and Federal Statutes can all be customized to narrow the subscriber’s research results quickly.  As you can see below, I have customized the Recent Topics Section to include topics of interest for an upcoming project on Renewable Energy Law.

After clicking on one of the Topics, a window opens with relevant research regarding that Topic only, organized by date from newest to oldest, as shown below.

This feature can be very helpful in narrowing results not only from topics of interest, but from articles pertaining to North Carolina only, specific jurisdictions or specific regulatory laws or federal statutes.

After locating relevant articles, BNA makes it very easy to save the research using the MyFolders tab and organize it by Project, Name or Date Added.  Above the full text version of an article, BNA gives an option to Add to MyFolders, Share or Print, as shown below in the upper left hand corner.

The MyFolders tab is located at the top of the Reporter and will list all saved articles and organize the information by Project, Name or Date Added.  This feature provides an efficient way to accumulate relevant research and save it for future use.

Finally, one of the easiest customized features provided by Bloomberg BNA is the BNA E-mail Registration.  Each Reporter gives you the option to receive alerts outlining the current highlights in the news, as well as the ability to select how frequently you would like to receive them.  Links are provided to the articles listed, and can be saved to MyFolders after opening for easy access later.  Below is an example of the E-mail the Environmental Reporter sends each week, according to my preferences, organized by Topic.

With minimal effort, the Bloomberg BNA resources can be customized to each subscriber’s personal interests allowing an efficient way to stay up to date on areas of law for personal or professional use.

~Sara Garske, L’14~

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ALR Student’s Corner: Bloomberg BNA Antitrust & Trade Regulation (A&TR) Report

When it comes to learning about competition law and fair business practice amongst government regulators and international market traders, the Bloomberg BNA Antitrust & Trade Regulation (A&TR) Report houses all the necessary information needed to stay up to date on the practice area. Since 1961, the A&TR Report has covered all the major topics of competition law, including monopolization, mergers and acquisition, and price fixing while also tracking the progress of cases and international enforcement initiatives for the  DOJ and FTC.

With all the website has to offer, including recent U.S. and international court decisions and a list of law firms who were recently involved in antitrust litigation, I will focus on using the search feature in “Recent Topics”.

Let’s use this example: As a compliance director for a university, you are concerned with the growing number of student-athletes who are being harmed because of their involvement with sports agents. You wish to see if there are any federal laws regulating the interaction between sports agents and student athletes.

First, visit CSL’s website, hover over “Law Library” in order to click on “Electronic Resources,” click on “A-Z Index of Databases” and scroll down to the A&TR Report listed in the A’s. After clicking on the link, it will take you to the home page, which will feature highlights from the issue of the particular week.

Near the top of the screen and towards the middle, you will the tab “Recent Topics,” which will give you an alphabetical heading list, that can be broken down to give you particular cases, legislation or official action within that area. Next you can click on the letter “S” at the top of the next screen and then click on the “Sports” tab to expand the heading.

This does not provide you with much help, so in order to locate additional articles, use the “Search” feature of the index located near the top of the screen on the right hand side. You type “sports” in the general search box, hoping that there is more information available to you regarding the area than the first search provided. You receive more than 300 documents back, which is good to know but you do not have the time to look through each one to figure out if it pertains to you.

Using “Advanced Search”, right under the search box, you can focus on terms like “sports agent” and “student athletes,” while also limiting the search to the past 10 years to get exactly the results you are looking for.

While the only real limitation I see is that you have to search the entire report for a topic rather than one index at a time, the resource is a great tool for all attorneys, no matter the area of practice we may end up in.

~Taurian C. Houston, L’13~

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ALR Student’s Corner: The Bloomberg BNA: White Collar Crime Report™

White collar crime is an ever-expanding and complex legal field with very little Congressional guidance and much room for advocacy and judicial interpretation.  As such, it is helpful for both prosecutors and defense attorneys to have a resource to share and research different news articles, court decisions, and passage of laws in the field of white collar crime.  For those interested in this growing and fascinating field, the Bloomberg BNA offers the White Collar Crime Report™, provides that marketplace for practitioners and lawmakers to see the recent news in the area and tailor either an effective strategy or lawmaking pursuit based on success and failures in other jurisdictions.

To gain access to the Bloomberg BNA White Collar Crime Report™, simply go to the Charlotte School of Law website.  Scroll over “Law Library” on the left side of the screen and then select “Electronic Resources.”  Next, you will see the ResearchGuides page of the Charlotte School of Law library.  Click on the tab titled “A-Z Index of Databases.”  Select “B” and click on “Bloomberg BNA Newsletter Package.”

You will then have the option to select whichever Reporter you wish.  Scroll down towards the end of the page and select “White Collar Crime Report” which is third from the bottom.

Congratulations!  You have entered your white collar crime paradise.

The White Collar Crime Report™ is a wonderful and user-friendly resource.  The first thing I did was sign up for the free listserv so I can receive daily updates on current white collar crime news and reports.  To do this, scroll halfway down the page and on the far right, click on “Sign Up for E-Mail.”

Type in your E-Mail Address, and click “Submit.”  You then get the option to Sign-Up for whatever Bloomberg Newsletters you want.  As you can see, I am signed up for the Criminal Law Reporter, U.S. Law Week, and White Collar Crime Report.

While signing up for the email listserv is a great way to stay connected without having to visit the site every day, The White Collar Crime Report™ offers the white collar crime attorneys the opportunity to search for recent news in their particular practice area or area of interest.  Let us say that you are a local defense attorney who, after successfully defending your client Ima Crook from a bribery charge, has taken an interest in other bribery cases around the country.  If you want to find recent news on bribery, you can search the White Collar Crime Report™ Index.  Click on the “Browse Indexes” option under Finding Tools on the right side of the page.

 You are given an alphabetical search option for different states and / or practice areas.  First, however, you want to select your time parameters.  You want to see fairly recent happenings in the world of bribery, so under the dropdown menu in the middle of the page, select Index Jan. 13 – Feb. 24, 2012.

Now that you have set your date parameters, click on “B” and select “Bribery.  You now see a list of different issues regarding bribery.  Having friends in New York, you have recently heard about the lobbyist who pled guilty back in January for bribes to a certain N.Y. state senator.  You can see the story by clicking on the link located next to the story.

You can now read what exactly happened when the lobbyist pled guilty on January 4 in the U.S. Southern District of New York.

However, after reading the article, you are worried that Ima Crook, who has friends who are lobbyists, might be a possible return client.  Therefore, you want to search for issues regarding lobbying.  At the bottom of the story, there are “Related Articles” by “Topics” and “Courts.”  Lobbying happens to be conveniently located at the bottom.

Clicking on “Lobbying” will open up all relevant headlines regarding lobbying.  At the very top is a story from March 9, 2012 regarding the White House announcement on March 8 that it has created “ethics.gov.”  This resource is meant to provide people easy access to a centralized location regarding lobbying reports.  While you are sure that Ima Crook is a respectable citizen, you might want to pass along this information you learned to him, just in case.

The ease of locating topics is just one of the many options that are available on the Bloomberg BNA White Collar Crime Report™.  You can also locate Hot Topics off to the left side of the main screen, sort through the news by prominent white collar crime Law Firms, or read some interesting commentary From the Editors.  Enjoy the White Collar Crime Report™!

~Allen Souza, L’12~

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ALR Student’s Corner: So You Want to be an Employment Lawyer? – Bloomberg BNA’s Employment Discrimination Report

If you are considering a career in Employment law, Bloomberg BNA’s Employment Discrimination Report is the key resource for you. It provides coverage of judicial, legislative, and regulatory developments in the practice area of equal employment opportunity, spanning all areas of EEO policy and practice. With the Employment Discrimination Report you can:

  • Prepare for any practice question
  • Keep up with key case law
  • Look out for updates
  • Create action plans for the future
  • Review summaries of court documents
  • Know what experts know
  • Get insights into the changes and impact
  • Protect your clients

To make this resource even easier, email summaries are available for the busy practitioner who needs to find out about new updates quickly.

To access this resource go to:

  • Charlotte Law Homepage
  • Click Law Library
  • Click Electronic Resources
  • Click A-Z Index of Databases
  • Click Letter “E”
  • Click Employment Discrimination Report

The homepage of the Employment Discrimination Report provides a wealth of information to stay up to date on employment law. As soon as you land on the homepage you can see highlights in the practice area, hot topics, and a search bar in the top right corner if you know exactly what you are looking for.

The bottom of the homepage displays a table of contents of the current edition of the Report.

For example, if you wanted to find out whether or not there was any news related to disability law, you could type disability in the search bar on the main page:

You retrieve 1000 results:

These results are organized by date with the most recent case appearing first and identifiers that precede every article. For example, one article is called “Maryland Teacher With Neurological Disorder Could Not Show ADA Violation, Court Decides.” This case is preceded by the header Disabilities/Retaliation. When you click on the case it opens the full article:

On the left of the screen, you links to key features, hot topics, and recent topics are still readily available to link to other featured content.

At the bottom of the article, there are links for related content organized by Topics, Agencies, Courts/Tribunals, States, and Federal Laws. Plus, the full text of the opinion to this case is easily accessible for someone who may need more information about the case.

Overall, The Employment Discrimination Report is a great database to access if you need to stay abreast of particular areas of law. It features a great supply of information related to many facets of employment law and keeps attorneys on top of their expertise, so they can provide the best advice to their clients.

~Ashely C. Washington L’13~

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