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Know Your Law Library: Fiction Collection

Heading to the beach for a weekend this summer or just relaxing on the porch… maybe you would like a good read. The Charlotte School of Law Library has a collection of fiction.


The collection includes many of John Grisham and Scott Turow’s legal thrillers as well as a number of books that have been banned by various communities.

The Fiction Collection is located in the Reference area of the 5th floor behind the attorney member carrels.

These books can be checked out for 28 days (note the yellow dots).

We also welcome donations.

Come browse the collection.

If you need help, ask a librarian!

~Betty Thomas~

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Know Your Law Library: DVD Collection

Hooray it is summer!  Maybe you need a break from your classes… you might be interested in one of our lesser known collections. The Charlotte School of Law Library has an extensive collection of DVDs both fiction and non-fiction.

The collection of over 400 titles is located in the Reference area on the 5th floor behind the attorney member carrels.

There are classic movies like 10 Angry Men and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid to television series such as Law and Order. There are recent documentaries: Civil Remedy (human trafficking) and The Loving Story (miscegenation). Of course, there are more entertaining titles like Legally Blonde and Lord of the Rings. There is something for everyone.


In searching the catalog for these DVDs, use the keyword videorecording in the search box and select DVD format from the facets on the left side of the screen to see the long list of DVDs.

DVDs can be checked out for 7 days.

If you need help, just ask a librarian!

~Betty Thomas~

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Metrolina Library Association Tech Summit 2015


Librarians in the 21st Century are immersed in emerging technologies both in operating libraries and in helping patrons.  Each spring the Metrolina Library Association hosts a Tech Summit in Charlotte, North Carolina. Usually the format includes four presenters on topics of interest to Charlotte area librarians.  The focus is on state-of-the-art technology developments that might find use in libraries. On Friday, March 13th Johnson and Wales University – Charlotte hosted this year’s Summit. A summary of the presentations follow:

Really Augmenting Your Library: AR Possibilities for Librarians

Presenter: Judy Walker, J. Murrey Atkins Library, University of North Carolina – Charlotte

Describing augmented reality (AR) as QR codes on steroids, Judy got our attention. Augmented reality is along the spectrum from real world to virtual reality. Using augmented reality, graphics, audio, video, or text can be superimposed on real world items in real time. Information can be embedded in a “target” and read/played using a mobile device. She used her office sign as the “target.” Using Aurasma Studio she created an overlay (a video of her giving instructions) and then created an aura. By aiming a mobile device at the target, her video popped up. There are a number of free apps. ColAR, Elements 4D and Fetch Lunch are some interesting examples. Augmented reality could be used for creating after-hours messages, facilitating scavenger hunts, training student workers, putting information in different places within the library, or even having students talk about their art in a gallery display of student artwork. Short videos of different projects using AR can be found at Judy’s guide:  http://guides.library.uncc.edu/ar.

Telling the Library’s Story through Social Media

Presenter: Katy Rust, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

Katy leads a team of 20 people, the Library 3.0: Social Media Team. These people come from all parts of the library and represent as diverse a mix as possible. Each person has access to the library’s social media platforms which include Tumbler, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. They divide up a schedule so that someone is always monitoring the online discussions. Some of the advice she gave during her presentation included the following:

  • Be really good where you are and not try to be everywhere.
  • Be there and manage the conversation.
  • Treat your community like people, not numbers. (Think of it as an extension of a branch.)
  • What happens on the internet stays there forever. (Don’t be defensive or argue.)
  • Carry the conversation in less public manner.
  • Social media is no quick fix.
  • Listen, then talk.

Since the project went into operation in January 2014, the team has worked to keep the library’s brand consistent in all places, found and created content that tells the library’s story, and constantly analyzed everything to see what works towards the organization’s goals and change what’s not going well.


Gestural Interfaces

Presenter: Beth Martin, J. Murrey Atkins Library, University of North Carolina-Charlotte

Beth demonstrated Myo ($199), a bracelet like apparatus that reads gestures made by the electronic impulses in your arm. She was able to stand across the room and advance a PowerPoint presentation by moving her arm in a certain way.


The armband can also be used to control iTunes, Spotify, VLC Media Player and Netflix video players. For video gamers, Myo and Oculus Rift will be a natural combination.  As with most technology, the key is to play with the device to figure out its usefulness. Beth pointed to Kickstarter as a good place to look for new technology.

Mindful Librarianship

Presenter: Richard Moniz EdD, Johnson & Wales University – Charlotte Library

Many of us are overwhelmed with technology. Multitasking, we divide our attention on many different things at once. Technology often facilitates that behavior. After leading a short meditation session, Richard defined mindfulness as “the art of observing your physical, emotional, and mental experiences with deliberate, open and curious attention (Smalley & Winston).” The research findings show that mindfulness, whether meditation, yoga, tai-chi, or just self-reflection has demonstrable effect on the brain. Being in the moment also has a reference service application as it ties well with the Reference and User Services Association (RUSA) Standards requiring librarians to be present in the moment in interactions with others. Libraries are picking up on this trend by holding classes and workshops on the topic, setting up meditation rooms, and holding meditation sessions in student centers to help students reduce their stress and learn to be more mindful.


~Betty Thomas~

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April Sidebar and Coffee Event in the Law Library – From Matewan to the Upper Big Branch Disaster: The historical context, and current ramifications, of Caperton v. Massey

The history of coal mining in the United States is rife with drama – mining accidents, labor disputes, environmental issues, family feuds, not to mention greed and corruption.  Please join Professor Jason Huber on April 22nd, between 11-Noon in the East Reading Room of the CSL library as he discusses Caperton v. A.T.  Massey Coal Co., the U.S. Supreme Court decision which set the current judicial recusal standards.  Professor Huber will discuss the due process violations of that case and will also trace some of the history of coal mining in the U.S. and specifically in West Virginia.

If you can’t make it to the coffee talk, take a moment to check out our latest book display in the library!



April 22nd is Earth Day. In recognition of the event, we have created a new book display in the hallway near the Library User Experience (LUX) desk. Below the “I Love You Planet Earth” poster are three shelves of books dealing with environmental law. The first highlights management of and advocacy for our natural resources. The second shelf includes books on the topic of sustainable development. The third shelf has resources concerning climate change. These materials are available for check-out.

~Susan Catterall & Betty Thomas~

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A New Location for Study Aids!

The Charlotte School of Law Library’s collection of Study Aids has moved!  Before they were behind the circulation desk, but now they are in a new location….. Near the 5th floor copier/printer and across from the Research Zones.


The collection is on both sides of the bookcase and any items to be re-shelved are on the pink cart in front. The study aids are arranged in Library of Congress (LC) order. To help find a particular topic, consult the sign on top of the bookcase.

This relocation allows students to browse for just the right study aid. Although the study aids are much more accessible, they will still need to be checked out from the new Library User Experience (LUX) desk.  A reminder from the Students Rights and Responsibilities Manual:

No student may engage in any activity that gains or is intended to gain an unfair advantage in any law school activity or academic matter, either on behalf of the student personally or for another. An unfair advantage is one that is not generally available to all students. It encompasses, but is not limited to, failing to return needed Library books or other resources, cutting articles from books or periodicals, misappropriating or hoarding Library materials.

Come Check Them Out!

~Betty Thomas~

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