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Sports Law — Practice in Context


Associate Professor Jonathan Fine’s Sports Law–Practice in Context class field trip (Apr 17, 2015)

On April 17, 2015, Charlotte Law’s “Sports Law — Practice in Context” class had the opportunity to tour the BB&T Ballpark and then held class in the club lounge. Earlier in the semester, the class worked on negotiation and drafting of certain provisions of a typical ballpark lease agreements.  The idea behind the tour was to give the students a hands-on view of some of the operational aspects of those lease agreements.

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April Sidebar and Coffee Event in the Law Library – From Matewan to the Upper Big Branch Disaster: The historical context, and current ramifications, of Caperton v. Massey

The history of coal mining in the United States is rife with drama – mining accidents, labor disputes, environmental issues, family feuds, not to mention greed and corruption.  Please join Professor Jason Huber on April 22nd, between 11-Noon in the East Reading Room of the CSL library as he discusses Caperton v. A.T.  Massey Coal Co., the U.S. Supreme Court decision which set the current judicial recusal standards.  Professor Huber will discuss the due process violations of that case and will also trace some of the history of coal mining in the U.S. and specifically in West Virginia.

If you can’t make it to the coffee talk, take a moment to check out our latest book display in the library!



April 22nd is Earth Day. In recognition of the event, we have created a new book display in the hallway near the Library User Experience (LUX) desk. Below the “I Love You Planet Earth” poster are three shelves of books dealing with environmental law. The first highlights management of and advocacy for our natural resources. The second shelf includes books on the topic of sustainable development. The third shelf has resources concerning climate change. These materials are available for check-out.

~Susan Catterall & Betty Thomas~

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Follow Up to the Library’s March Coffee Talk and Sidebar

On Monday, April 23, Professor Barbara Bernier discussed the legacy of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the Library’s monthly Coffee Talk and Sidebar. As part of the event, Professor Bernier showed a video clip of MSNBC journalist, Irin Carmon, interviewing Justice Ginsburg.  During the interview, Justice Ginsberg spoke about several issues which affect women in particular.  For those of you who were unable to attend the Coffee Talk, a link to the MSNBC interview is provided here.

After the video was shown, Professor Bernier encouraged a discussion on the unfinished business of women’s rights.  For those who would like to learn more about the state of women in the law and, in particular, the diversity within the federal judiciary, you will find current information on the following website.

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Charlotte School of Law’s Immigration Law Society to Host Pulitzer Prize Winner Sonia Nazario

Every spring, Charlotte School of Law’s (Charlotte Law) Student Bar Association (SBA) hosts a Law Week event. Law Week is executed by various student organizations through the sponsorship of the SBA. Each student organization is given the latitude to organize an event centered on a theme selected by the SBA. This year’s Law Week, scheduled for April 6-10, is themed: Practice Ready. Practice readiness is a central pillar of Charlotte Law’s mission. SBA President, 3L William “Marlowe” Rary II, M.Ed., selected this theme because he felt that “it [was] important that students [were] prepared to practice law upon entrance to the bar.” Through Marlowe’s efforts, this year’s Law Week consists of over ten student organizations representing a variety of practice areas. Some of the practice areas include: international, business, property, sports & entertainment, criminal, and immigration. Out of the plethora of events scheduled for that week, there is one event that is gaining traction from students and prominent members of the city of Charlotte’s greater community. This event is a podcast event hosted by Charlotte Law’s Immigration Law Society (ILS) featuring Pulitzer prize-winning journalist and author of national bestseller, Enrique’s Journey, Sonia Nazario.

Nazario is an award winning journalist who spent over 20 years reporting and writing about social issues for various U.S. newspapers.  Nazario originally wrote about Enrique’s Journey as a series in the L.A. Times, which won her the Pulitzer Prize for feature writing in 2003. Random House turned Enrique’ Journey into a book that became a national bestseller. In 2014, when there was an influx on unaccompanied minors at the border, Nazario went to Honduras to report on the crisis and her article was published in the N.Y. Times. Nazario consequently addressed the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. Nazario has received various awards such as the George Polk Award for International Reporting, National Association of Hispanic Journalists Guillermo Martinez-Marquez Award, and Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award. Nazario has been featured on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, NBC’s Meet the Press, and Anderson Cooper 360. Most recently, Nazario was named a 2015 Champion for Children by First Focus, and the 2015 Golden Door winner by HIAS Pennsylvania.

Carol Naples, 3L and President of ILS, was introduced to Enrique’s Journey in fall 2014 as a student in the Honorable Holmes-Simmons, “Undocumented Children and the Law” course.  Judge Holmes-Simmons is currently a sitting judge for the U.S. Immigration Court in Charlotte.  Naples, an aspiring North Carolina and New Jersey Immigration Law attorney, was so touched by Enrique’s Journey that she emailed Nazario to express her gratitude. Naples informed Nazario that her book was being used for her class and told Nazario about her desire to have Nazario visit Charlotte School of Law. Nazario immediately agreed and was willing to reduce her standard speaking fees to make this request a reality.  Despite Naples’ unrelenting efforts, Naples and the ILS were unable to secure enough funding to bring Nazario to the law school. However, Naples’ efforts did not end there. Naples again reached out to Nazario and proposed a podcast option. Nazario recognizing Naples’ efforts, agreed to host a one hour podcast without charge.

This event is reserved solely for Charlotte Law administration, faculty, staff, students and immigration stakeholders in the community. Naples hopes that this event will encourage Charlotte Law to bring notable individuals, like Nazario, to Charlotte Law and the local legal community. Enrique’s Journey allowed for “open discussions centered on immigration, our legal system, and how we, as new attorneys, can become involved,” said Naples. “For those who have no desire to work in Immigration Law, I hope that this event will give them a glimpse of the humanitarian aspect of Immigration Law and possibly provide some insight into a field of law that encompass and influence other areas of law such as criminal and family law,” Naples said.

Charlotte Law thanks Nazario for her willingness to contribute to the successful implementation of SBA’s 2015 Law Week through the Immigration Law Society.

If you are an immigration stakeholder in the Charlotte community interested in attending this event, please contact Carol Naples at to RSVP by April 7.

For more information regarding Charlotte Law’s Law Week events, contact SBA President Marlowe at

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Charlotte Law’s Criminal Law Society Hosts Death Penalty Panel


On March 18, WBOC-16, Delaware local news announced that the push to repeal the death penalty in Delaware was back on. A few days later, on Monday, March 23, 2015, Charlotte School of Law’s Criminal Law Society President, 3L Bradley Owens and legal intern at the 8th Amendment Project, would host a Death Penalty panel. This panel featured Jake Sussman, Criminal/Capital Defense Attorney; William “Bill” Stetzer, Homicide Prosecutor; Charlotte Law Professor Cindy Adcock, Death Penalty Post-Conviction Attorney; and Charlotte Law Professor Scott Broyles, Former Assistant U.S. Attorney. The topics ranged from philosophy and policy reasons behind capital cases to wrongful convictions and the economics of the state pursuing a death sentence. Professor Turowski, one of Criminal Law Society’s advisors, described the room as a “packed house” and shared that “the extraordinary questions raised by [Charlotte Law] students, reinforced the notion [that] we have a tremendously engaged and inspired student body making [Charlotte Law] a truly exceptional institution.”  Charlotte Law students in attendance shared how they “never thought about the secondary effects of the death penalty and how many people are involved in the process.” Professor Adcock, Death Penalty Post-Conviction Attorney, shared a story about a victim’s family who hated their brother for years for killing their parents. However, after 15 years, they forgave him and turned their energy to trying to save him. This story resonated with one of Charlotte Law’s students. “It’s interesting to see how time may affect the thoughts and feelings of victim’s families.  At first they are angry and revengeful, but after so many years they may change their mind and not want someone to die…sometimes it may be too late.” Dean Michael Farley, Charlotte Law Office of Student Engagement, described the event as “outstanding.” “This is an excellent example of how thoughtful, educational programming in the law school environment takes conversation to the next level,” Dean Farley attests. Students in attendance generally felt that this panel was informative and that it deserves a symposium.

Pictured: L to R: Bradley Owens, Professor Carol Turowski, William “Bill” Stetzer, Professor Scott Broyles, Jake Sussman, and Professor Cindy Adcock.

Pictured: L to R: Bradley Owens, Professor Carol Turowski, William “Bill” Stetzer, Professor Scott Broyles, Jake Sussman, and Professor Cindy Adcock.

Given Owens’ interests in the criminal justice system and his exposure to death penalty abolition work, “it was only fitting to host a Death Penalty panel as the President of the Criminal Law Society” Owens shared. However, Owens’ commitment to the Death Penalty issue stretches beyond this panel. In October, Owens was hired as a legal intern at the 8th Amendment Project to assist with their national campaign to abolish the death penalty nationwide.

Recently, Owens has been working with legislators and community leaders in his home state of Delaware to help support the death penalty repeal bill that was introduced in the Delaware Senate two weeks ago. To learn more about Owens and his work, see “Student Spotlight: Bradley Owens.

~Maritza T. Adonis~

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