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In a Tech-Saturated World, Don’t Forget the Importance of the Human Element…

Source: Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository

It seems like every time I turn around, there’s a new task that can now be automated or outsourced or a new program that can do what I do accurately and in half the time. Sometimes it’s easy, as a technical services librarian, to get a little concerned about my job security. What place DO we have and what role CAN we serve when computers and technology keep on finding ways to do our jobs better and faster?

This concern isn’t limited to technical services librarians, of course. I think we can all find similar feelings within ourselves, regardless of our positions or our industries. We may even feel it in our personal lives.

So 3 Geeks and a Law Blog hit the nail on the head with their recent post, What Are Humans Good for… in Legal Services?, and I was reminded that there’s no need to fear. I can do something a computer can’t do – and that’s be a human. I can relate to other humans in a way technology never can, meaning I can more effectively generate ideas, solve problems, strategize, persuade, argue, tell stories, and most importantly, collaborate with others.

Other recent posts have backed up this idea:

Robert Oaks, Chief Library and Records Officer for Latham & Watkins LLP, states “It’s not about the library. It’s about the relationship the librarian has with those who do or could benefit from the library.” View the library as a service, not a location, and shift your perspective and role to be more proactive and prescriptive. You know who finds it challenging to be proactive and prescriptive? That’s right. Computers.

A recent survey of faculty and academic librarians done by the Library Journal and Gale shows that there’s a disconnect between faculty and librarians, and suggests that you need to ingrain the library in campus culture, actively participate in student education, and seek out opportunities for engagement with teaching faculty. You know who doesn’t oftentimes seek out opportunities to further engagement with others?  Technology.

The library sector is changing under out feet, and this blog post, by Rebecca Jones, offers 4 ideas to “rewire” our thinking.  My favorite one is “The Intelligent Organization of People is Key to Success.”  Again – it’s not the power of our technology and our ‘stuff’ that defines our success as librarians.  It’s the ways in which the human dimension works that defines a library’s success.

Want ways to help the human component, even while leveraging the best parts of connecting through increased technology?  Check out these tips to improve collaboration among remote teams, by Mike Gilronan, where he lists five clear cut to-dos.

And have you realized that technology alone will not make us more efficient and can, at times, make us less focused and therefore less efficient?  Technology can actually make us less useful.  Collaboration is what leads to efficiency, and this posting by Mark Hunter reminds us that fostering collaboration requires both a shift in culture and in the way we do things.

And finally, here’s an interesting combination of out-sourcing and in-sourcing that gave a future-proof strategy to one law firm.  “People get the answers they need, better and faster.” It’s not outsourcing to machines, but outsourcing to expert PEOPLE.  Again, people are the key to successfully serving others.  Not just the technology.


~Ashley Moye~

TSLL TechScans is “a blog to share the latest trends and technology tools for technical services law librarians.”  This content was originally posted on TSLL TechScans and is reprinted here with permission.

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Check Out Our New Banned Books Weeks LibGuide!


After another successful Banned Books Week (September 27 to October 3, 2015) where we celebrated the freedom to read and raised awareness of the issue, the Charlotte School of Law Library has created a Libguide of information about Banned Books Week. Check it out at


The guide provides background information about Banned Books Week and why it is an annual event. For those who may not know, the section Banned/Challenged Books of the guide gives specifics about the who, what and why of challenged and banned books. An Infographics section provides a place to catch the great graphics on this subject. The American Library Association’s Office of Intellectual Freedom’s list of classic books and the reasons they have been challenged is included in the Classics section.  Many of the challenged or banned books in the Charlotte School of Law Library’s Collection section are highlighted. These books are available for checkout.

This Year’s Activities section highlights the different ways that we celebrated the week this year including blog posts, book displays, a poll in OrgSync, this year’s poster that has been added to our collection on the 4th floor, announcement of the Read Out!, and addition of three favorite banned books to the CSL Library’s collection.

Probably the most important section of the guide is Advocacy. This section highlights the First Amendment to the United States Constitution; what action anyone can take in protecting our right to read; and the organizations and websites that monitor the threats and advocate for our rights.

While we celebrate our freedom to read during Banned Books Week each year, we all should be aware of the challenges that continue to happen all too frequently at other times of the year and be prepared to act in support of the schools and libraries that face those challenges.

 ~Betty Thomas~

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How to Renew Library Materials

Did you know that you can renew your library book through the library’s catalog in the comfort of your own home? All books other than Course Reserves and 3 hour Study Aids can be renewed one time online.

Besides renewing online through the library’s catalog, you can renew items by using our new Self-CheckOut Machine, calling us at the LUX desk, or visiting us at the LUX desk.

If your materials are overdue, you will need to call or visit the LUX desk directly for renewal.

Renew through the Library’s Catalog

Log into OrgSync and click on the link to the Library’s Catalog on the left side.


Click on Login in the top right corner of the landing page.


Enter your name and the barcode from the back of your Charlotte Law identification badge. Submit.


Because of some quirks with ENCORE, you may get another landing page. This time click on Logout.


A box will appear asking if you want to log out. Click Yes.


You will get the landing page a third time. This time click Login.


Again enter your name and library barcode from your Charlotte Law School identification. Submit.


Now you can just click on your name that appears at the top of the screen.


And then Checkouts on the left side of the screen.


Check the box next to the item(s) that you want to renew and then click the Renew All or Renew Marked buttons.

ENCORE will ask you if you really do want to renew those items. Choose YES.


The item is successfully renewed for either 3 or 28 days depending on the type of item.


All books other than Course Reserves and 3 hour Study Aids can be renewed one time.

Course Reserves and 3 hour Study Aids can be returned to the LUX desk and checked out again after a 30 minute wait if no one else needs the item during the waiting period.

Renew using the new Self-CheckOut Machine

The library has a new Self-CheckOut Machine located to the right of the LUX desk on the 5th floor. Renewing using the machine is a lot like checking out at the LUX Desk. Scan your barcode with the scan line on the right side of the machine and follow the prompts on the screen. It is so easy!


Renew by calling the Library User Experience (LUX) Desk


Renew by visiting the Library User Experience (LUX) Desk

Mondays through Thursdays: 8 am – 8 pm        

Fridays: 8 am – 6 pm

Saturdays: Noon – 5pm

Sundays: 2 pm – 8 pm

Library hours are subject to change.

Download a copy of this information here: How to Renew Library Books.

~Betty Thomas~

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Law Libraries, Looseleafs, and Print – Oh My!

Source: Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository
Few law librarians these days are sheltered from the battles of print vs. electronic waging war across our lands.  A common site for skirmishes is the “Land of Looseleafs” – do we get an adequate return on the investment we make in these materials? Take a look at what our neighbors north of the border at Slaw have to say about the pains and gains of loose-leaf publications in a world that’s becoming increasingly digital:
For a more in-depth look at what North American law libraries are currently spending and plan to spend on print materials, including loose-leafs, you can order the Primary Research Group’s recent publication “Law Library Plans for the Print Materials Collection”.
Incidentally, the sample sets of statistics provided in their press release caused one DePaul law librarian, Mark Giangrande, to make an interesting observation: “We in the academic business try to prepare students for the tools that they can expect to use in practice. If law firms are buying less print… why are academic libraries still buying at a much higher percentage?”  Why indeed, Mark? Why indeed?

~Ashley Moye~

TSLL TechScans is “a blog to share the latest trends and technology tools for technical services law librarians.”  This content was originally posted on TSLL TechScans and is reprinted here with permission.

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Self-Checkout Coming Soon to the Charlotte Law Library!


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