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Depositions Book Giveaway









Are you into depositions

Do you like to litigate?

Does your examination for discovery excite you?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might be interested obtaining a free copy of, attorneys Phillip Miller & Paul Scoptur’s book, Advanced Depositions: Strategy and Practice. Miller & Scoptur are both experienced personal injury lawyers who wanted to write a book that would give other attorneys and law school students cutting-edge tactics for conducting depositions, ultimately leading to a successful outcome for clients.

As long as you are currently enrolled in an accredited law school in the United States, there are several ways you can enter to win a free copy of this book through Phillip Miller & Associates:

  1. Like Phillip Miller & Associates on Facebook
  2. Share the giveaway URL on Facebook: #millergiveaway
  3. Google+ about the book giveaway URL out: #millergiveaway
  4. Tweet about the book giveaway URL out: #millergiveaway

 It’s also worth noting that the more social media support you give, the more entries you receive.



~Brian Trippodo~

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LEGO My Library!



Well, I guess it’s technically not my library… It’s the Boston Public Library we’re talking about here.

Beginning March 28th, 2014, a replica of the historic Boston Public Library built exclusively out of  LEGOs was displayed in the  library’s Johnson Lobby.  On April 5th, the LEGO masterpiece moved to its permanent home and is now on display at the new LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Somerville, MA.

Several months ago, the Boston Public Library’s McKim Building was voted the “Boston landmark that Bostonians most wanted to see made out of LEGOS.”  So began the process of joining 6,350 individual LEGO bricks together to form a 75 pound miniature Boston Public Library.

This process took 47 hours, but I’m sure every LEGOS aficionado can agree that it was time well spent!

~ Brian Trippodo ~



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Got Books?

Did you know that your Law Library receives new books on a variety of law-related topics every month? Did you know that you can find out what they are by looking at the online catalog? Within a few clicks all of our new titles are within you reach!  Here’s how:

1. Go to the Encore Online Catalog and select “new purchases.”

New Book 1

2. Select Featured List # 3 entitled “CSL – New Books – February 2014

New Book2

3. Now you can see all the new books we have on display.

New Book3

Also, please come see our new books on display in person in the Library. They are located on 5th floor between Circulation and the Library Administrative Suite.

~ Brian Trippodo ~

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Does The Library Have My Textbook?

Many students often ask Library staff if the Circulation Desk has a copy of their textbooks this time of year.  While we are happy to help you with this in person, here’s a quick way for you check yourself:

1) First, go to the Library’s online catalog. Links to the catalog can be found on the CSL website.


2) Next, type in the title of the book you are looking for.


3) You can narrow your results using the facets on the left hand side.


4) If the Library owns the book you are looking for, you can also tell where the book is located, if it is on course reserve, and whether it’s checked out or not.


If you’d like some more information on how to find books or study aids in our online catalog, please take a look at this Slideshare presentation.  As always, please let us know how the Library can help you!

~Brian Trippodo~

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Mo Elevators Mo Problems: Elevator Etiquette @ Charlotte Plaza

elevator bottons

Our new space in Charlotte Plaza is super nice and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, but one thing some of us are not used to is the all the elevators and congestion that sometimes results.  In order to alleviate some elevator PTSD I’m going to offer some tips on elevator etiquette:

  1. When you enter the elevator, move to the back especially if you will be traveling to the top or bottom most floor.
  2. Exit as quickly as possible when you reach your floor.
  3. Elevator mirrors should NOT be used for personal grooming (Well, unless you are the only one in the elevator!)
  4. Be friendly and say “hello” or “good morning” if the mood strikes you.
  5. Hold the doors open when someone is coming in.
  6. Don’t hold the door open for more than a few seconds because it slows down elevator service for everyone.
  7. Stand away from the doors when you are waiting to enter the elevator and always allow people to exit before you enter.
  8. Give people as much space as possible (Don’t be a close talker!)

People in Elevator


~ Brian Trippodo ~

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