ALR Student’s Corner: The Careerist Blog

The Careerist is a fun, informative blog designed for just about anyone in the legal field or anyone pursuing a legal career.


Author Vivia Chen, a former corporate lawyer, applies a fresh approach to lawyering while offering news, tips, and advice.  The Careerist focuses on legal developments, career and life satisfaction, as well as, up-to-date office trends.  There is also an emphasis on how lawyers enjoy work/life balance.  With a blog post nearly every day, legal news is current with a humorous edge.  An appealing part of this blog is the author’s wide range of topics that she discusses regularly.  The Careerist blog topics include the following:


There are several links to outside resources from The Careerist home page.  There are drop down menus for job seekers and employers.  Job seekers have the opportunity to job search and post their resumes.  The job search link leads to an outside site,  Employers can post a job and search for resumes through  


Another link from the home page is “News and Views.” Hovering over this link leads to subtopics such as career news, tips for success, compensation matters, and profiles.  “Profiles” leads to an attorney spotlight page which culls attorney profiles from various media and legal resources.  The articles here highlight attorneys beyond their work in the office and showcase their community-service endeavors and interests outside of their law careers.  For example, one spotlight focused on a New York judge who left the bench to serve a tour overseas with the Army.  The “Compensation Matters” link leads to law-related articles pertaining to money matters, such as an article about how the Texas legislature approved pay raises for judges.


Law students can find their share of pertinent legal news on The Careerist.  Several blog posts in the last few months have highlighted articles for law students and law schools.  For instance, one particular post from September 3, 2013, Grads of Lesser-Ranked Law Schools Are Happy Campers, compared job satisfaction data among graduates of the variously ranked schools.  There, the author notes that “[g]raduates of elite schools are sometime a bit disdainful of the demands of the profession, while those with lesser pedigrees probably just appreciate the opportunity to work.”

Subscribers can follow the blog and receive updates of its “News Views and Alerts” via email, Facebook, and Twitter.  Blog posts from the home page are listed by date, the most recent first.  To access older posts, readers of the blog have to scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “More Posts.”  A reader can also find blog topics by clicking on “Topic Tags” under each blog post.  There is a dearth of reader comments to the posts on the blog, which seems unusual considering it gets a lot of traffic.  But, despite their disinterest in commenting, the blog’s readers are still exposed to a plethora of topical news and articles, as well as, an updated list of current top jobs.  Attention-grabbing post topics and headlines, coupled with a legal focus, make The Careerist an entertaining and informative blog.

~ Leanne Boyd, L’15 ~

Class Advisor – Cory M. Lenz, Esq.

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