Links We Love Weekly Round-Up — March 3, 2014


5 Classes that Prospective Solo Practitioners Should Take in Law School

Recently, a group of Harvard Law professors released theresults of their survey of 124 attorneys from 11 large firms, asking what courses Harvard students ought to take to prepare for Biglaw practice. Overall, financial courses such as accounting, financial reporting, and corporate finance, topped the list, as noted by Will Baude over at the Volokh Conspiracy. But the study got me thinking: what courses should lawyers interested in starting a practice — either directly after law school or a few years down the road — study in law school?

Apple’s Deafening Silence on ‘GoToFail’ Security Flaw

On Friday, Apple quietly issued an update for iPhones and iPads that fixed a big problem: encryption wouldn’t stop an attacker on the same network from intercepting sensitive information sent during banking sessions, email sessions or Facebook chats. Then the news got worse. Researchers realized the same problem applied to other iProducts, such as desktops and laptops. Beyond telling Reuters reporter Joseph Menn on Saturday that a fix is coming “very soon,” Apple has been silent on the issue, not even sending out a warning to its users about what they should and shouldn’t do while the vulnerability remains unfixed.

Advanced Search, Browse and Appropriations Tables Added to

There are some great new features and improvements now available on  Our team from across the Library of Congress has worked hard to have the first version of both Advanced Search and Browse in this release.  I’m also happy to announce that another requested page from THOMAS has now made it over to, the Appropriations Table.

Can Google Fiber Turn Charlotte into a Tech Hub?

In generations past, communities rose or fell if the path of the next major horse trail, railroad or interstate highway landed within their borders. In the digital age, will the same be true for high-speed Internet access?  Can’t say I know for sure, but it’s increasingly looking that way. So it was big news last week when Google announced that Charlotte is one of the nine metro areas where it would like to build its super-fast Google Fiber network, with access speeds up to 100 times faster than today’s broadband service.

In 1914, Thomas Edison’s lab burned down, and years’ worth of his work was destroyed. This could easily be described as the worst thing to happen to Edison, but the inventor instead chose to see it as an energizing opportunity that forced him to rebuild and re-examine much of his work. Edison reportedly said at the time: “Thank goodness all our mistakes were burned up. Now we can start again fresh.”

Redefining Success: Honoring Your Deepest Self Gives Rise to Greater Happiness

We make our lives complicated and ourselves miserable by setting what we imagine are lofty goals. When we set a big goal for ourselves we are giving a big plate of food to a big ego and encouraging it to have a big appetite.  The purpose of life is neither big nor small. The best goal is simplicity itself: be happy. Happiness is a virtue of your own mind—it is your own creation. Make a decision to be happy and form a habit of being happy. That will be a big accomplishment.

This Is What a Librarian Looks Like

When you think of a librarian, what image comes to mind? Photographer Kyle Cassidy ventured to the American Library Association’s Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia in January to explore that question. In between networking, educational events, and panels, librarians from across the country stopped by Cassidy’s makeshift studio to sit for a portrait. The result is a celebration of the diversity in the librarian community.

Why Libraries Deserve to be Hip

They face budget cuts and closures, but they’re a lifeline for people like me.  Libraries should get more respect.

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