ALR Student’s Corner: Lowering the Bar


Almost every day, Lowering the Bar delivers fresh legal gossip to my inbox. Blog author and attorney Kevin Underhill posts bizarre legal news from recent headlines and adds his professional insight. The blog provides additional content, my favorite being the outrageous Legal Document Archive. The result is a hilarious mix of legal humor addressing everything from police reports of stolen Jello from a break room fridge, to reported case law of a court questioning a party’s handwritten pleadings in crayon on gravy stained paper placemats.

From each post, I learn something new that I can only hope will be helpful in my future profession. The blog is likely intended for lawyers and the general public, but does not include a comments section to gauge this information. A sitemeter at the bottom of the page links to visitor information, and reports an average of 2,379 visits per day. Users can follow the blog on Twitter or Facebook, or subscribe to the RRS feed or through email. Links for these options are provided at the top right corner of the page. A bookmark manager option is also available here. Under each article, users can also Tweet, Like, G+ or Pin the blog post.


The website is very basic and easy to navigate, but does not offer any search options. An archive tab at the top of the home page leads to older material organized by year and month and subject matter. Recent posts are listed by headline on the right side of the home page, with subject matter links to older material below. The bottom of each blog post includes meta tags.  New posts often link to other archived materials. On the left, under the title Great Literary Works, the author links to material featured in The Green Bag, The Wall Street Journal and on National Public Radio. There are also links to outside sources including cited references, other blog sites and a few advertisements.  Overall, this is a great blog for students who need a quick break from textbooks, but still want to keep their minds on matters that are somewhat legal.

~ Kelly Owens, L’14 ~

Class Advisor – Cory M. Lenz, Esq.

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