New Faces in the Library — Meet Katie Brown, Our Library Director


In January of 2014, the library will not only be in our permanent home, but will also welcome our new Library Director, Katie Brown.  Katie is currently the Associate Director at Oklahoma City University Law Library, and we are all eagerly awaiting her arrival.  The library staff gathered together to ask Katie a few questions, giving all of us, as well as all of you, a chance to get to know her a bit better before she arrives.

How did you become interested in roller derby?

While in Florida, a librarian I worked with took me to see a bout.  As I watched the action on the track, I thought to myself, “I can do this” and I did.  I played for many years, and after some severe shoulder injuries I started to referee the sport.  I am still a ref and hope to work with the local  WFTDA league once I am settled in Charlotte.

We know you were an acting coach in Chicago, but what were your favorite plays or shows to act in when you were growing up, and did you ever do musicals?

I was not involved with musicals because I am a pretty bad singer and dancer.  My favorite projects were always Shakespeare.  By the time I got to Chicago, I enjoyed directing the play far better then being on the stage.

What was your favorite city to live in and why?

I tend to move to a new city about every three to four years.  I will highlight a few and provide you with some reasons why for each.

Chicago – Black box theaters and music venues

Seattle – Everything was local from the food to the art

Miami – Cuban coffee, the beach and the diversity of cultures

What do you see as the single greatest challenge for law libraries as it relates to legal education?

Last year, I heard a Dean speak at the American Association of Law Schools conference about the challenges facing legal education.  He started his comments by saying although others saw this as a time of challenge, in reality, it was a time of great opportunity because we could ensure the change with our ideas.   I too feel this way about law libraries in legal education. Although others may want to write and talk about the challenges, I am committed to focusing on the opportunities and implementing ideas that complement the currently changing legal education.

What is your Myers-Briggs type?

Although I took the test in college many years ago, I wasn’t sure what my results were anymore.  I took a free test online and my personality type was: ENFP.  Strength of individual traits: Extraversion – 53%, Intuition – 27%, Feeling – 7%, Prospecting – 18%. I agree with these results. I consider myself curious, empathetic and see life as one big puzzle.

What’s your favorite book?

I read my first Shakespeare play  in the 5th grade and have been hooked on the Bard ever since.  Every couple of years you will find me rereading the complete works.

What is your favorite musician/band?

I listen to a wide variety of music.  If I was asked this question in person I would follow it up with, “pick a genre.”   Currently, I am addicted to Brazilian and Portuguese Hip Hop.  I have no idea what they are saying and it makes the voice truly act as an instrument in the song, like a guitar or piano.   Additionally, Tyler Hilton always holds at least a couple of spots on my playlist.

What’s the best concert you’ve been to?

In Chicago, I had the opportunity to see a great deal of live music, and my best overall concert experience was when I saw Loudon Wainwright III in a little dive bar with about 40 other people.  While in Seattle, I saw Snoop Dog perform and it was the most entertaining show I have ever attended.

Where would you still like to visit?

While at DePaul, I worked on several plays written by Irish authors and became fascinated by the history of the country – especially the religious and political conflict between England and Ireland.  Someday I would love to do a biking or trekking tour of parts of Ireland.

You talked about your former careers, and we know you’re a law librarian now.  If you stopped being a law librarian, what would you like to do?

I would return to teaching acting and directing theater productions.

When you lived in Chicago did you ever work with the playwright David Mamet, and did you ever have the opportunity to visit the Chicago-Kent College of Law?

No and no.  If you have interest in becoming a film director, I highly recommend Mamet’s text, On Directing Film.

When did you last cry?  When is the last time you busted out laughing?

I am a passionate person and I tend to cry and laugh fairly easily – especially during the holidays.

What’s the weirdest interview question you’ve ever been asked, asked, or heard asked?

If you were a member of a crew on an alien ship what post would you hold?

My answer: captain or communications expert.

Is there a particular school or area you always wanted to go to? 
Both my husband and I are originally from Maine and prefer to be a few days drive from our family.  We have lived in both Alaska and Washington State, and although the nature was gorgeous, it was hard being so far away from our family. 

So a big thank you to Katie Brown for taking the time to share some more about herself.  We’re so excited to welcome you to our Library Family!

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One response to “New Faces in the Library — Meet Katie Brown, Our Library Director

  1. Jess Folsom

    Katie!!! I’m so proud of you. I miss you and love you. Glad to have you back on the east coast! I couldn’t be happier for you, and know you’ll be fabulous in NC.

    Love ya,


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