Advanced Legal Research Student’s Corner – A Research Guide by Charlotte Law students, for Charlotte Law Students


While law school may feel like a solitary journey at times, one of the strongest resources our students have are each other.  From your classmates to your upperclassmen to your alumni, each and every individual here at Charlotte Law has something to share with you.

Librarians here develop Research Guides for our patrons, featuring a range of information tools designed to assist you with your research and study at Charlotte School of Law.  They are a pathway to library resources most relevant to your area of study and contain recommended library resources – books, databases, journals and websites, as well as helpful research tips.

But one guide stands out among these, as it is composed solely of content created by your colleagues: ALR Student’s Corner: Specialized Legal Research Tips.

One of the assignments for Charlotte Law’s Advanced Legal Research course is to create a posting for the Charlotte Law Library blog on various resources for legal research, ranging from semester to semester to cover specialized legal databases, free online resources, print materials, mobile applications and legal blogs.  These postings focus on reviewing the resources from the perspective of a law student or legal professional, detailing strengths and weaknesses and methods of access and often teach the reader how to use these resources both effectively and efficiently.

All of these postings have been combined in to a comprehensive guide, chock full of brilliant content applicable to each and every one of you.  Explore this guide to find our more, learning from our students how to locate and access the resource, context for use of the resource and specific research tips.  You’ll also find examples of these uses as well as see graphics of the resources themselves.

Click here to view all Advanced Legal Research student postings on the Charlotte Law Library blog.

And as always, don’t hesitate to ask your friendly library staff for assistance!

~Ashley Moye~

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