Fast and Free Government Internet Resources: Federal, State and Local – A New Research Guide for You

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Fast and free legal research online?  While this statement may sound like an oxymoron, the government does provide plentiful Internet resources on a federal, state and even local level which can be used to assist you in your legal research.  Be aware, though, while there is no doubt that the web provides plentiful information, not all of this information is considered credible.

In February of this year, Susan Catterall and I had the privilege of teaching about this very topic for a Continuing Legal Education course hosted by the National Business Institute.  Our manuscript now lives in our collection, and the content created within this document has also been transitioned into a Research Guide for the Charlotte Law Library and our patrons.

Do you know about our Research Guides page, which features a range of information tools designed to assist you with your research and study at Charlotte School of Law?

The Charlotte Law Library Research Guides page now plays host to this new guide – Fast and Free Government Internet Resources: Federal, State & Local.   The overarching goal of this LibGuide is to provide you with efficient and cost-effective tips and resources, but as you conduct your research, acknowledge that your time is valuable and weigh that cost against the cost of supplementing your research with fee-based searches.

This guide will introduce you to free Internet resources to assist you in your legal research, from the federal to the state to the local level.  Check it out to learn more about specific resources relating to state and federal statutes, government agencies and regulations, licensing boards and commissions, using federal statistics and making FOIA requests.

And as always, don’t hesitate to ask your friendly library staff for assistance!

~Ashley Moye~

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