Beef Up Your Summer Reading List with A Beginners’ Guide to Modern Science Fiction

Man Reading Book and Sitting on Bookshelf in Library

Alongside being a Circulation Assistant at this library, I am also a graduate student earning my Masters in Library and Information Science at UNCG. I have read and loved science fiction for most of my life.   I love the fresh new ideas and the inventiveness of science fiction. As part of my course of study I created a Reading Map for Modern Science Fiction.  This is sort of an interesting guide thingy to what are seen as the major works of modern science fiction.

A few notes about the site:

  • I have read every book on this site. Everything I write is my personal interpretation. 
  • The general idea is to tell you just enough about the authors and the books they have written to get you interested.  My goal is to entice without spoiling any of the wonderful twisting plots.  So, if you are looking for cliffs notes or a detailed review, look somewhere else.
  • Also, on each page I have included links to other websites pages you may find interesting as well as my favorite quotes from each of the novels.

~Aaron Greene~

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