Have you heard about the Lexis Advance migration?


Here are the details you need to know to keep making the best use of LexisNexis in your legal research…

 Migration Process Review and Upcoming Enhancements 

June 2013

Lexis Migration Plan

  • Current situation:
    • Two research systems (Lexis.com and Lexis Advance)
    • Each has their own registration process and ID
  • Migration Plan:
    • All existing Lexis.com IDs will be deactivated this summer
    • Lexis.com will become a part of the Lexis Advance portal
    • Access to both systems will be available through Lexis Advance ID
    • One registration process this fall for incoming 1Ls and faculty
    • Free printing will continue to be supported for Lexis Advance

Important Dates

  • 3.8 Release – June 24th:
    • New Registration Process
    • Redesigned homepage (“portal”):  www.lexis.com/lawschool
    • Access to Lexis.com will appear in “experience bar” at the top
    • Access to  ICW will appear in “experience bar” at the top


Have any questions or concerns? 

Contact Mary Susan Lucas at mlucas@charlottelaw.edu.

Happy researching!

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