Book Giveaway!


The Charlotte School of Law Library is launching a Book Giveaway! These are treatises, reporters, and state statutory items that will not move with us when we relocate the Law Library uptown. These materials will be available for free on a first come first served basis. We are going to offer these items in phases with the students and alumni having the first opportunity to make reservations.  In our second phase, we will give the faculty, staff, and Law Library attorney members the option to reserve materials.  Finally, any remaining materials will be offered to local libraries and other institutions.

The dates of these phases are:

  •  April 15 to April 26: Open to Alumni and Students
  • April  29 to May 10: Open to faculty, staff, and attorney members
  • May 13 to May 31:  Open to local libraries or other institutions and individuals

You will need to provide the means to pack and transport the materials you wish to have. The Law Library will provide book trucks to move the books to your vehicle. We expect many of these items to go quickly.

Go to this website to view a list of the items and to access the form needed to reserve these items:

~Brooke Rideout~

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