Unique Libraries

So, libraries are a central part of many schools.  It is a place for students to study, to meet with other classmates, and to find a wealth of resources. Along with the basic necessities, what makes a library unique?

Well, the Philological Library of the Free University in Berlin, Germany creates a unique environment for students with its creative and visionary architecture. This library is shaped like a human brain! Perfect for a library!

0980 RM 050819 t004 C.tif

This library is comprised of a five story tower enclosed by two layers termed the “skin”, with the first layer being a glass-fiber fabric and the outside layer comprising of steel and glass. These two layers create a geometric pattern which is seen from the outside of the building. 

Along with the aesthetically appealing exterior, the glass fibers of the “skin” are used to filter the daylight creating natural lighting throughout the library. With this natural lighting, the study areas are lively and welcoming, creating an atmosphere of concentration and an ideal space for reading.



The Philological library is also energy efficient! The exterior of the building is used to heat and cool the library with solar-driven currents. So, over half the year, the library is ventilated by merely opening the outside panels and filtering the fresh air.

The Philological library is unique and inspiring, from the outside to the inside! This library is the centerpiece of the Free University but is also an architectural landmark in Berlin.

 ~Brooke Rideout~

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