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The Illustrated Guide...

You know that when the dedication in a book reads, “To Crime!” that it isn’t your ordinary law treatise. The Illustrated Guide to Criminal Law gives you all the information you could hope to know about criminal law, but in a different way.  The author uses humor and an illustrative comic style to inform his readers about every aspect of criminal law.  Some of the chapters included in this book are entitled, “Rehabilitation: For the Love of God, Why?” and “Responsibility and Depravity: The Axes of Evil.”

The Illustrated Guide 2

The author, Nathaniel Burney, graduated from Georgetown University, where he was an editor of the American Criminal Law Review.  During his time in law school he also found the time to work at the Supreme Court as a personal assistant to retired Chief Justice Warren Burger, and additionally played music in a band called The Ambulance Chasers.  After law school Burney joined the Manhattan DA’s office as a prosecutor in NYC.  He also spent some time in Special Narcotics and the Rackets Bureau.  Burney eventually returned to the defense side of things, where he focused on cases involving wiretaps, securities fraud, antitrust, and loitering.  Mr. Burney also teaches the “Hope for Hopeless Cases” series for West LegalEdCenter.

If you are looking for a book that discusses the complex issues of criminal law in a slightly different format, why not give The Illustrated Guide to Criminal Law a try?

~Brian Trippodo ~

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