Developing Trust and Humility

developing trust

I have come to realize that my success at work is due to the coming together of a vast wealth of knowledge from all those I work with.  Without collaboration and discussion, we would not be the team we are at work.  We would not be able to move forward to create something new for ourselves and others, and ultimately would not feel fulfilled in our working lives.

How do we, as a group of people who work together, reach a place of fulfillment and even greatness?  Might I suggest humility?  Humility is defined as modesty, lacking pretense, not believing that you are superior to others. Great leaders direct their ego away from themselves toward the larger goal of achieving collective greatness.  They shun public adoration, shift the focus away from themselves and continually recognize the contributions of others.

Approaching situations from a perspective of humility opens us up to more possibilities as we choose open-mindedness and curiosity over protecting our own point of view.  As you become more willing to learn from others, you move toward security and enlightenment.  Mindfully practicing humility improves all relationships, reduces anxiety, and enhances self-confidence.  Modeling this behavior is self-reinforcing and regenerative at greater and greater levels.

So, how do we, as a group of people who work together, reach this place?  We can start with trusting ourselves and others.  We should acknowledge that what we are all working for is the greater good.  With that realization we gain appreciation for the talents and skills of those around us and the contributions made by all who are invested in a goal.  When we are willing to work towards that goal, and make the knowledge we possess available to others, the group will achieve more and become a force of real change.

Do you have a stalled project?  Are you in dire need of fresh ideas?  Do you struggle in creating an action plan for a goal that is part of your life’s work?  Do you just need a different perspective?  Reach out to those with knowledge or experience greater than yours.  Take advantage of what your teammates bring to work with them every day.  Ask for help and offer to help others.

What do you have to lose?

Check out these tools:

 ~ Julie Morris ~

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