Staying Healthy in Law School

Young Woman Blowing Her Nose in Bed

With this year’s flu season hitting the nation early, staying healthy is a top priority for CSL students.  No one wants to miss class, work, or an internship.  Here are some tips on how you can keep the flu and other illnesses at bay this winter.

  1. You’ve heard it a million times before, but eating a well-balanced diet and exercise are the foundation of a healthy law school lifestyle.  Eating nutritional foods doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming – has hundreds of quick and easy recipes that are also healthy.  Taking a multivitamin is a great way to make sure you aren’t missing out on important vitamins and minerals in your diet.  In addition, 30 minutes of aerobic exercise like walking will help you fight off illnesses, give you a mood and energy boost, and can assist with mental function.
  2. Getting a flu vaccine is the most effective way to prevent the flu.  According to CNN, the shot is about 62% effective.  When creating the vaccine each year, scientists predict which strains will be the worst, so it is still possible to get the flu, but the effects are often less debilitating than without the shot.  Even though flu season is in full swing, it is likely to last through February (and possibly into March) so getting the flu shot now is still beneficial.  The flu vaccine is widely available at physicians’ offices and retail drug stores for $5 to $30, and many health insurance plans cover the shot with no out-of-pocket cost for the patient.
  3. If you do get sick, rest is key.  Often, taking a day or two off helps the body to fight off illness faster and prevents others from catching the illness.  Getting extra sleep is important, especially early on.  Going to the doctor can shorten the duration of your illness too – prescriptions are available for common illnesses like sinus infections, strep throat, and the flu.  Home remedies like chicken noodle soup and hot tea can make you feel better too.  Giving yourself time to recuperate means getting back to the books faster.

~Kirsten Hallman~

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