The Hero with a Thousand Faces: Meet Erica


My fascination with mythology began with my mother’s tattered copy of Edith Hamilton’s Mythology, which she had read as a young girl. I loved reading those stories over and over. And as I became familiar with the mythologies from other cultures, I appreciated the interconnecting themes that appear globally. The stories shared within a society present the ideas of what that society views as important. Joseph Campbell explores this theme within his work The Hero with a Thousand Faces. I really enjoyed this book because it is interesting to me to see the same story told so many different ways by so many people.  Campbell explores the common theme of the Hero through comparative mythology analysis, highlighting the similarities of the “Hero’s Journey” found within stories told throughout the world. Campbell analyzes stories from ancient mythology to heroic figures that are found within modern cinema. Whether the hero is Anasi, Odysseus, or Luke Skywalker, the comparative analysis allows an outsider to understand and, more importantly, appreciate different cultural values.

~Erica Tyler~

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