Emotional Intelligence


Emotional intelligence is a non-intellective form of intelligence where a person has the ability to identify their emotions, understand what those emotions are telling them, and realize how their emotions affect others around them.  Charles Darwin’s work on the importance of emotional expression is probably the earliest work in this area, followed by many others who researched in areas of social intelligence, multiple intelligences, and intrapersonal intelligence.

In 1985, Daniel Goleman introduced his mixed model of emotional intelligence, which describes the competencies and skills that drive leadership performance.  The five main focuses are:

Each area of focus contains a set of emotional competencies that are learned capabilities.  They can be worked on and developed to enhance performance and leadership.

As emotional intelligence becomes even more broadly accepted, it is critical to professional success, as it is being used increasingly when organizations hire and promote.  A high degree of emotional intelligence often goes hand in hand with a high degree of success.

Developing and utilizing your emotional intelligence highlights your attributes as a leader.  And yes, Virginia, these skills can be taught and developed.  You might start by observing how you react to people, evaluating your need for attention, becoming familiar with your weaknesses as well as your strengths, and determining how you react to stressful situations.  Are you willing to take responsibility for your actions?  Do you think about how your actions affect others?

Are you aware of your actions and feelings?  Do you value others, actively listen, and feel empathy?  Well, let’s get started enhancing your emotional intelligence skills.  To begin with, you might read Leadership:  The Power of Emotional Intelligence, by Daniel Goleman.  You might also read Brene Brown’s blog entitled Ordinary Courage.  And you should definitely check out mindtools.com – sign up for their newsletter, utilize their toolbox and they also have an app for your iPad.  Take leadership tools with you wherever you go!

~ Julie Morris ~

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One response to “Emotional Intelligence

  1. Betty Thomas

    Great post, Julie! I just ordered Leadership: the Power of Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman to learn more about this subject.
    Betty Thomas

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