Who Are You?

Recently I opened my email to find a friend had Endorsed Me! on LinkedIn. Puzzled… I clicked through to find other friends, whom I could in turn endorse. Evidently, LinkedIn had started a fun, new game. What skills or experience do your other connections have?  Does John Smith know about Wind? Wind?  Wind. Ah yes, Wind. I too am a Wind. I remembered that we had both attended ShareAcademy this summer and heard Nicole Greer, Principal Coach and Founder of Vibrant Coaching explain the Path Elements Profile™ written by Laurie Beth Jones.  The Four Elements of Success is a means of analyzing your personality and that of other team members. What is your element?

 The Four Elements of Success



Earth personalities are grounded. They embrace structure. Solid, steady, and stable, the earth provides a nurturing environment for the other personalities to grow. The earth personality understands the gravity of every situation and intuitively creates a system, season, and cycle to abundantly support the team.


Water personalities are life giving. Without a water personality on the team, nothing will survive. The water personality understands how flexibility serves the mission and the vision. Effortlessly, they support, cleanse, and dilute any situation with their inherent transformational power. The water personality is sparkling, pure and reflective.


Wind personalities are uplifting. The fun loving wind personality values a global perspective, interaction, new ideas and diversity. The boundless wind personality brings excitement and energy to every task. They message and communicate with ease. The wind is action oriented, confident and playful.


Fire personalities are captivating. They ignite any situation with their powerful, passionate, and radiant presence. Most oriented to the present moment, the fire is task oriented and blazes a trail. The fire personality sheds light, pioneers the effort, and signals the team to action. The fire is directing, assertive and decisive.

This assessment tool emphasizes building on one’s strengths rather than improving weaknesses. While it is more involved than the short description in this blog, there is enough information to understand the Four Elements of Success.  So let us celebrate our strengths!  I am a Wind?  What are you?

~Betty Thomas~

This is the first of a series of three parts focusing on different types of personality assessments. Next month:   StrengthsFinder® 2.0.

For further information about the Four Elements, contact Nicole Greer at 704-502-4953, Nicole@thevibrantcoach.com, or check her website at www.thevibrantcoach.com


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