Top 8 Best Book Titles in the Charlotte School of Law Library

Now that final exams are over and you have time to relax over the holiday break, it’s the perfect time to pick up some pleasure reading from the Treatises section of the library!  Here are some of the most interesting and amusing titles in the collection.

8.   Taking Sports Seriously | by Jeffrey Standen

Because we all were making fun of them before…This book examines the biggest issues in sports today.

7.   Obscurity and Clarity in the Law | by Anne Wagner and Sophie Cacciaguidi-Fahy

Just the title sounds mystifying. Read this book to learn about legal language, drafting, and interpretation.

6.   Bong Hits 4 Jesus | by James C. Foster

For those interested in the first amendment and public schools, this book covers an Alaskan case involving high school students’ right to free speech.

5.   Law of Solid Waste, Pollution, Prevention, and Recycling | by Jeffrey M. Gaba and Donald W. Stever

Who knew there was so much to say about solid waste?  This treatise is perfect for environmental law gurus.

4.   The Likelihood of Confusion in Trademark Law | by Richard L. Kirkpatrick

How likely are you to get confused about trademark law?  Now there’s an entire volume that can end that confusion.

likelihood of confusion

3.   Substantial Similarity in Copyright Law | Robert C. Osterberg and Eric C. Osterberg

It sounds like this volume belongs in the same series as the last book.  It includes key cases and court decisions on the subject.

2.   The Law & Harry Potter | edited by Jeffrey E. Thomas and Franklin G. Snyder

What exactly are the social consequences of considering house elves to be people?  This is the authoritative source on all things law in the world of Harry Potter.

1.   Is Eating People Wrong? | by Allan C. Hutchinson

Do we really have to ask that question?  Actually this book is a lively study on jurisprudence, exploring eight cases that shaped our legal system.

eating people wrong

~Kirsten Hallman~

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