Goal! Soccer Team Aids Literacy Effort in Africa

One of the world’s premier soccer clubs is helping to put a dent in Sub-Saharan Africa’s illiteracy problem.   The Spanish soccer team FC Barcelona joined efforts with a nonprofit literacy group Worldreader with a goal of providing one million e-books to African children who would otherwise not have access to digital books.

Usually e-books are shared between both family and friends, so Worldreader’s plan is to give e-readers to fifty-thousands sub-Saharan Africans.  Worldreader donated one-hundred thousand e-books to one-thousand children in Uganda, Kenya, and Ghana so far and has plans to expand its efforts to Rwanda and other parts of sub-Saharan African soon.

African students will be receiving electronic newspapers, classic literature, African fiction, popular fiction from other parts of the world, along with African textbooks.  This is a drastic change from what student have access to right now.  On average children in sub-Saharan Africa have access to between three and seven books currently, but with the e-readers they will have access to an average of one-hundred and seven books.

The FC Barcelona Club fits into all of this by supporting the reading initiative.  You see, star soccer players Lionel Messi, Eric Abidal, Seydou Keita, and Xavi will be using their influence to help students to reach their reading goals by sending them encouraging messages.

If you would like more information, take a look at this video.  If this is a cause that you care about the FC Barcelona Club and Worldreader would be very grateful for donations of any size.  $5 = 1 e-book.

~ Brian Trippodo ~

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