A Torts Outline: The Lost Leg-Lost Chance Doctrine

For all you new readers who missed our previous posting featuring Margaret Hagan’s “Are You a Nuisance?” property outline, here’s another 1L study gem – this time featuring torts…

FYI – this artist’s blog covers everything – not just the flowcharts and cartoons inspired by her journey through Stanford Law School, but also dolls, drawings, films, and t-shirts…

Like it?  Love it?  Want one of your own?  She has an account on Image Kind — a site that you can buy prints (framed, unframed, or canvassed) of her drawings – and she even offers tshirts featuring these images as well…

Follow her on Twitter here

Kudos, Margaret, for yet again making the drudgery of studying for law school a little more delighful!

~ Ashley Moye ~

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