Murphy’s Law School Returns

by Aycock and Allman

First, a little history…

Long ago when dinosaurs ruled the earth, Kim Allman had aspirations to be a comic book artist. He did flirt with that medium for a time but other responsibilities led him on a slightly different path.  He has earned his living over time as a caricaturist, an illustrator, and a designer. Art is a tough business however, and becoming a paralegal and eventually ending up as the circulation manager for the Law Library of the Charlotte School of Law has proven a far more stable way to make a living. He has never given up on his passion for cartooning and Murphy’s Law School is one way for him to indulge that muse. Anthony and he both hope to bring you regular installments of an entire host of odd ball characters. You might even recognize some of them.

Anthony Aycock is currently the library director at the North Carolina Justice Academy, a criminal justice training facility. He helped start the Charlotte School of Law Library in 2006 and served as its director of public services until 2009. He is also a writer, having published essays in The Missouri ReviewThe Gettysburg ReviewThe Georgia ReviewCreative Nonfiction, and Library Journal.

Anthony and Kim Allman created the first comic strip in 2008. Inspired by such strips as The Far Side, Doonesbury, and Calvin and Hobbes, the strip, called Inter Alia, aimed to ease the stress of law school life by dramatizing its absurdities. It was published in the student newsletter.

The strip soon became a regular feature in the monthly newsletter. Tom Hemstock, another Charlotte Law librarian, soon joined Anthony as a writer for the strip. When Anthony and Tom created the library blog, the strip, now re-named Murphy’s Law School, found its new home. As the strip progressed, several characters made recurring appearances, including Charlotte the Beagle, Spike the Hedgehog, and Professor Alexander Hamilton.

When Tom and Anthony left in 2009, the strip was discontinued, but now he and Kim have revived it for a new cadre of Charlotte Law students and faculty.  Enjoy!

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