Do You Play Well with Others? SharePoint Could Be for You…

So, you want to collaborate with a colleague on the final draft of a document you both have worked on for months.  The emailing back and forth has become burdensome and unwieldy, given all of the versions of drafts and changes.  Consider utilizing SharePoint.

SharePoint is a web application associated with content management and document and file  management systems that the Charlotte School of Law management, faculty and staff are migrating to.  SharePoint utilizes the familiar ribbon user-interface that is found with all other Microsoft Office products and allows the user to:

  • Create, copy, delete or rename lists & libraries, pages, sites & web parts
  • Manage user permissions and view document and page version histories
  • Manipulate content in lists and libraries, pages and sites

Every department at the Charlotte School of Law has a SharePoint site designated to them.  As a subscriber to your department’s site you can create, import and edit documents that are vital to your work here.  You can grant permissions to anyone so that collaboration becomes real time.  Because your SharePoint files are saved to the “virtual” universe you can continue your work without the worries of back-ups, versions and potential service outages.

The benefits of a central storage location are numerous:

  • Access your documents any time, from any place
  • Your documents will not be lost when (not if) your hard drive crashes
  • No need to remember to back up your documents and files to a flashdrive
  • In collaborative work, SharePoint can track all of the different versions created
  • Reduction in number of emails and duplicated work
  • Smoother work flow
  • Compliance with the company wide document retention policy

Lists and Libraries are stored in SharePoint.  Lists should be thought of as a collection of pieces of information.  The SharePoint calendar for your department is considered a list containing all the events graphically displayed on the calendar.  Libraries are lists where each item in the list refers to a file.  Because Libraries contain files, they have additional features including version histories, document permissions for sharing, email alerts when changes have been made, and tags and notes, just to name a few.

Check out your My Sites page where you can share information about yourself and your areas of expertise, upload a picture, add colleagues, post blogs, add Shared and Personal documents and keep up with news that your colleagues post to their sites.

If you have not yet participated in SharePoint training, you will receive an invitation to attend a training session in the future.  You can also take advantage of topic specific learning modules at

~Julie Morris~


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2 responses to “Do You Play Well with Others? SharePoint Could Be for You…

  1. LaSaundra Spencer

    Will SharePoint be available to students or is this just a faculty/staff tool? I am very familiar with the application due to using it daily in my current job and would love to be able to continue in law school because of the functionality.

    Future Law Student
    LaSaundra Spencer

    • Good question, LaSaundra! Currently, SharePoint is only available to the faculty and staff at CSL. However, we do offer our students Live@edu which provides online collaboration and document sharing capabilities while keeping your data private. It also provides each student with 25 gb of free storage online on Windows Live SkyDrive making it a great alternative to SharePoint for our students.

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