North Carolina regulations regarding coyote community

The law of coyotes in North Carolina is a well developed common law tradition dating from the earliest years of British rule to the present day. This rich heritage of amusing anecdotes, famous cases, and important contributions to the law of ferae naturae is well documented.

Or there are only a handful of North Carolina regulations on the topic. Yea, there’s only a handful of regulations. I lied about the rich common law heritage of coyote law.

State regulations are an important part of the legal landscape in North Carolina. Regulations contain law that is not found in cases or statutes yet is often critical in resolving an issue. In addition to paid databases such as Westlaw, LexisNexis and LoisLaw, North Carolina regulations are found at the North Carolina Administrative Code online. Bimonthly updates to the Code can be found in the North Carolina Register online. Below are some examples of NC Administrative Code documents:

Coyote hunting.

Pet coyotes

While the search engine is not as sophisticated as Westlaw or LexisNexis it is effective and it is also easy to pull up exact citations.

If you have any questions on finding North Carolina regulations stop by the reference desk and chat with our wily librarians.

-Tom Hemstock-


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3 responses to “North Carolina regulations regarding coyote community

  1. Student

    I can’t believe the flippant and offensive way that you treat coyote incidents. As this recent article shows:

    Coyote attacks are no laughing matter.

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