Supporting Your North Carolina Bar-Taker in the “right” way

Here are some unique, yet non-intrusive, ways to show support to a friend, family, or loved one taking the upcoming bar exam: Sending “Lawyerly Love” to Recent Law School Graduates and Bar Exam TakersLawyerly Love, is a company that specializes in sending care packages to students studying for various law school related exams. The Good Luck on the Bar Exam/Bar Exam Study Survival Care Package  “is designed especially for a friend or loved one who is going through the demanding and draining process of preparing for their state’s bar exam.  They will sincerely appreciate the bear, card, energy candy and drinks, popular snacks, quick meals, novelty items, study supplies, and words of encouragement and empowerment.  It even includes a mock law license for the soon-to-be lawyer to hang up and look at daily while studying for the bar.”

Baskets by Rita, is another business that compiles goodies into a basket that can be sent to your Bar-taker no matter where they are located.  Specifically, the Stress Relief Gift Basket, “has lots of great snacks, some healthy and some to give them a little pick me up, and some that just taste great. Our natural willow basket contains white cheddar popcorn, stress ball, chips, salsa, Clif bar, Red Bull, fresh baked brownie, fruit and nut bar, chocolate chip cookies, fruit snacks, Zipfizz energy drink mix, bottled water, snack mix and assorted candy.” You can also add a Yoga card deck.

The Billable Hour Company: TBH Bar Exam Survival Kit, “Forget BarBri, MicroMash and Pieper: study with Law School in a Box, the U.S. Constitution Quiz Deck and Stump Your Lawyer instead! These three study aids, together with 2nd Helping of Chicken Suit for the Lawyer’s Soul—which covers everything from trusts & estates (“My Will”) to torts (“Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Sue”) and criminal law (“Probation Polka”), along with our Classic Billable Hour® Watch (to watch those precious minutes ticking away)—comprise the Billable Hour Company Bar Prep course (passing score not guaranteed).”

-Liz McCurry-

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