The (belated) One Year Anniversary of the Charlotte Law Library Blog

March 2008. It was a simpler time. George W. Bush was still president. AIG, General Motors and Chrysler all were solvent. The housing bubble still. . . bubbled. Amidst these distant events the Charlotte Law Library Blog burst onto the blogosphere.

Today’s highlight is Charlotte Law Library’s Murphy’s Law School Comic:

First comic. An early non-anthropomorphic Charlotte can be seen. The generic “librarian” bears an uncanny resemble to our Reference Librarian.

Second comic. First appearance of Spike the hedgehog. No one seems to notice that Spike walks, talks, and quips. Darth Vader also makes a cameo appearance.

Third comic. Hilarity ensues as Spike discusses torts.

Fourth comic. The first (and only) appearance of the Tech Wizards.

Fifth comic. Humorous look at law school exam stress.

Sixth comic. Wherein we mock the entire state of Montana. Sorry!

Additionally, many of our viewers were also interested in the graphics used in our posts. (Specifically “cartoon suns”).  I will not craft posts that include the word “cartoon suns” to inflate hits. Cartoon suns.cartoon-sun-wearing-dark-glasses-thumb4609238

-Tom Hemstock-

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One response to “The (belated) One Year Anniversary of the Charlotte Law Library Blog

  1. Liz

    I like the very visable use of the sunshine graphic. Shameless abuse of Google Images – I like it.

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